Things We Hope to See at Magic the Trade Show About Fashion

Magic is the most comprehensive community of brands, buyers and fashion insiders at a single event making it the must-attend forum for fashion media. Besides Magic itself, there are co-located show including WWDMagic, Slate, Street, Mens/Wear, FN Platform, Project, Pool Trade Show and Sourcing at Magic.

This time of the year we will be looking at what is expected to be cool in the fall of the year. Most people don’t realize that the swimsuits that you are currently seeing on racks and the spring and summer active wear that is coming out were presented to the buyers in the fall of 2011.

This February for three days we will be expecting to see what is hot for the fall of the year. The colors the material, the designs and the trends in fall fashion.

We look forward to exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services which quite often today have become more luxurious in nature. Shoppers look for refined, sophisticated and modern takes on contemporary silhouettes, and fabrications that are at once lush, edgy and comfortable.

We very much look forward to seeing what world renown designer will show up to dazzle us with something we have never seen before at any fashion event we have attended . We want to be on hand to see the young designers that are putting forth their new designs that hopefully will become industry standards.

Let’s not forget footwear. The hot trends in shoe fashion for both male and female. How often have you seen one wearing a expensive gown or suit with shoes that were not the equal of the clothes. Here we expect to see what should be being won with those gowns and suits.

To those that enjoy covering fashion the unexpected is what we crave the most to see. What did we walk by that catches our eye that had no previous intention to even look at?

Magic is the trade show of making dreams come true for all that wish to be hot, trendy, stylist , and those that want more for what they have to spend.

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