Think that Only Women Have Baby Fever?

“Baby fever,” or the desire to have a baby, is most commonly associated with women. Many things can help contribute to it, like maternal instincts, seeing others have a baby, and becoming aware of a ticking biological clock. While it’s commonly associated with women, a recent study shows that even men get baby fever.

Baby Fever in Men

Gary Brase and his wife Sandra both work at Kansas State University. Gary Brase is an associate professor, while his wife Sandra is project co-ordinator. The couple came together to work as a duo in trying to figure out the psychological reasons behind baby fever.

Professor Brase says, “”Baby fever is this idea out in popular media that at some point in their lives, people get this sudden change in their desire to have children.”

“While it is often portrayed in women, we noticed it in men, too.”

They polled men and women about what things are most important to them in their lives and what might have triggered their baby fever. They found that women, as a whole, have higher levels of baby fever. Men also do have it, but are more likely to prefer sex to having a baby.

Theory Behind Baby Fever

When the study began, the couple created three theories behind why baby fever may exist. The first of their three theories had to do with gender roles. They felt that women have more baby fever because society tells them that their role is to have kids. Mothers also may have a tendency to nurture.

The couple posed a second theory, and it had more to do with having a sex drive. They believe that people are “biological organisms” that have a need for sex. Once the baby is born, then the want to nurture occurs.

Their third theory centers on the idea of timing. They felt psychologically, men and women somehow decide that “now” is the right time to have a child.

While these theories seemed intriguing in the beginning, they found that their study showed that all theories were incorrect, and other reasons contribute to baby fever.

Reality Behind Baby Fever

They research tandem found 3 main reasons behind wanting to have a baby. The first two reasons involved sensory experiences. Merely seeing babies could trigger feelings of wanting to have a baby.

However, sounds associated with babies often caused people a decrease in the desire to have a baby. Sounds like crying, gurgling, tantrums and other “disgusting” sounds made people think twice.

The third factor that affects baby fever was a bit more complicated. People mentally measure the trade-offs of having a baby, and the disadvantages. These considerations include how having a baby will affect their careers, social lives, and financial obligations.

Those with baby fever and those that didn’t belonged to two camps. One camp got “high” on the benefits of having a child, and generated baby fever. Those that got “high” on the downsides went to other direction, and put them off from wanting to have one.


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