Third Party Presidential Candidates Abound

Entering that time again in the election cycle where the race for the title “Leader of the Free World” dominates water-cooler conversation, many voter’s continue to express discontent with both President Obama and the field of Republican hopefuls. As the American political scene is overshadowed by the race for the GOP nomination in the 2012 Presidential Campaign, plenty of Independent and Third Party candidates go unnoticed. From the “Naked Cowboy” to Ole Savior, certainly there is someone you can agree with.

Mad Max – Retired Lieutenant Colonel “Mad Max” Riekse pledges to “Ax the Federal Income Tax”. Asking voters rather pointedly “Had Enough Yet?” this 32 year veteran of the United States Army offers his “Take Back America Platform” for your consideration.

Dr. Tom Stevens – Founder of the Objectivist Party centered on the philosophy of Ayn Rand, Dr. Stevens lists in his credentials leadership of “the Beaux Arts Society, Knights of the Republic, Spartan Brotherhood and Knights of Scorpius, the International Leadership Honor Society.” He is also noted as the creator of “a publication that reviewed cabaret shows and off-Broadway plays.”

Rev. Jack Fellure – Representing the Prohibitionist Party, Rev. Fellure states that “My Presidential Campaign Platform is the Authorized 1611 King James Bible. God Almighty wrote that Book as the supreme constitution and absolute authority”.

Ron McCune – Mr. McCune presents his “My Better America Plan” and credits his run for office “because no one else in the government will present any other way to get our country out of the many messes we are now in.” Mr. McCune presents a LOT of ideas how to make things better.

Christopher J. Dardzinski – Mr. Dardzinski muses “55% of Americans are disgusted with Republicans… 60%… with Liberals… about 5% {with both}… So if you do the ‘real’ math, about 125%… are sick, tired, disgusted and have no use for at least half our political establishment.”

“Average Joe” Schriner – On the trail since 2000, “Average Joe” takes a common sense approach to leadership. Explaining ‘Joecare’, “If people ate better, got more exercise and were less stressed — they wouldn’t get sick as much”, Joe pretty much sets the tone of his candidacy.

…and if none of these candidates represent your personal political stance, consider…

Jeff Block – With one platform, Revolution and a complete overhaul of our system of government, Mr. Block should be considered the candidate of last resort. Vowing to hold office for only 100 days during the transition to a new three President system, Mr. Block offers an alternative for those seeking to change the status quo.

So, next time you hear folks talking about the same old cast of characters running for office this election, tell them to look again. Heck, if you still can’t find a candidate to agree with, throw your own hat in the ring, there’s still time to get your name on the ballot.

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