Three New Features I Am Excited to See in Apple’s iOS 5

COMMENTARY | Apple’s new iOS 5 operating system , which includes over 200 new features, will become available to download for iPhone and iPad on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The new operating system will also be available for the iPod Touch 3rd generation and iPod Touch 4th generation. The new iOS 5 will be available to download for free on the Apple website, as well as through iTunes. As an owner of an iPhone 4th generation, here are three features I am excited to see in iOS 5.

One of the most important new features I cannot wait to get my hands on is Reminders. Reminders is a new application that will allow you to get instant reminders of what you need to do for each date on the calendar. This is great because if you need eggs at the grocery store and write it down, it will alert you once you reach the parking lot of the grocery store. The Reminders application works with iCal, Outlook and iCloud, so it is great to have no matter what calendar system you are using. I will use this application all the time because now I can pull into a store and automatically receive a notification about what it was I went to the store for in the first place.

The Photo application is also going to be a great addition to the iOS 5, and it is something I will use all the time. This application will allow you to crop photos, eliminate red eye, and organize photos into albums. This is really great for me because I hate having a bunch of photos on my iPhone and not having them organized based on what the photo is of. This way I can put photos of my cats into one album and also have folders of my boyfriend or other people on my phone as well. I really am going to enjoy this because it will make sharing and editing photos easier, since I share a lot of photos through e-mail.

Wi-Fi sync is also going to be a new feature I will use constantly with my iPod Touch and iPhone. This feature will allow you to sync up your iPhone or iPad with a computer through a wireless connection. Whenever you go to charge your iPhone or iPad overnight, this feature will automatically update your iTunes library. The best part about this is that you do not have to open iTunes in order to sync your gadget, since it will automatically pick up the wireless connection and then sync the library by itself. As an owner of an iPhone and iPod Touch, this is going to be a blessing.

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