Three Simple Halloween Bunting Tutorials

Buntings are super easy to make, and work well in almost any part of the house, making them a must have decorating item each season. With Halloween being right around the corner you still have plenty of time to make a Halloween bunting for your house. There are plenty of tutorials for Halloween buntings that can be found online. Here are three of my favorite Halloween bunting tutorials.

Haus of Girls: How to Make a Halloween Bunting

If you are looking for a bunting that is quick and easy to make or are just a fan of simplicity than this Halloween bunting from Haus of Girls may just be the bunting for you. This simple bunting features just three flags, and the word “BOO”. It would be a great project for using up any orange or black fabric scraps as it is a small project that requires very little fabric.

The tutorial for the Halloween bunting is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by a photograph of each step.

You can view Haus of Girl’s How to Make a Halloween Bunting tutorial by visiting their blog.

I’m Feelin’ Crafty: Quick and Easy Bunting Tutorial

Last year Louise at I’m Feelin’ Crafty made a last minute simple Halloween bunting, and thankfully took us along for the ride via her Quick and Easy Bunting Tutorial.

Louise’s tutorial is very easy to use, as it offer’s step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by photographs of each step. This bunting is almost a no-sew project as she uses Heat N Bond to attach her letters to the bunting flags, but she uses a sewing machine to sew the flags onto the binding.

You can view Louise’s Quick and Easy Bunting Tutorial by visiting her blog, I’m Feelin’ Crafty.

Little Birdie Secrets: Spooky Halloween Banner Tutorial

Little Birdie Secrets offers a Spooky Halloween Banner Tutorial that was written by a guest blogger named Melynie. Meynie’s Spooky Halloween Banner is very easy to make, and requires absolutely no sewing skills, as it is a no sew project. It is also another simple, basic Halloween bunting.

Melynie used card stock, modge podge, glitter, and tulle to make her Spooky Halloween Banner. Melynie’s tutorial is easy to follow with basic written instructions of each step of the process, with a few photos of the process.

You can find Melynie’s Spooky Halloween Banner Tutorial by visiting Little Birdie’s Secrets.

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