Time (What Happens)

Right now, this present moment is (what happens). Every day of life consist of thousands of what happens which are different things that happen in our life some good some bad. Time is seen as never ending but in our lifetime it is now this moment. Past or future moments only exist when we remember or anticipate them, when we think about them we’re in that moment of time there: but only a moment because we’re still in this present moment of time the now.
We may ask ourselves why are there so many moments of (what happens) in our life? To answer this we get the present moments confused with happens, confused with content. On one hand we deny the reality of time. Whatever we do in this moment, takes time. Everything we do is subject to time, but everything happens in the now, this present moment. On the other hand wherever we look there is circumstantial evidence of time…a rotting piece of fruit, looking at our self in a mirror now to and compare it to a picture taken twenty-five years ago, we will never find direct evidence of time, we can never experience time itself. We can only experience the present moment or what happens in it (our life) in the now time is all there is for us.

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