Tips for Choosing Replacement Windows

Here are some tips for choosing replacement windows that homeowners can use for their home. Replacement windows can offer significant savings over time to a homeowner, but there are a number of differences in windows for the homeowner to consider. By understanding the choices, a homeowner can make a better decision to meet their specific needs.


Replacement windows are made in a variety of materials, each offering advantages and disadvantages. Wood is the traditional material for windows. To many, wood windows are the most attractive, but wood is expensive and can rot and warp. Wood replacement windows also require painting over time. Vinyl windows are often the least expensive, but those that are not well made can warp when exposed to severe weather conditions. High quality vinyl windows are very durable and cost efficient. Though more expensive than vinyl, aluminum windows are another very strong and durable choice. Steel windows offer more strength at more cost than aluminum. Another option is wood clad windows. These windows are generally wood over aluminum or vinyl. These windows provide the looks of wood with increased durability.

DIY or Professional Installation

While installing replacement windows is not a particularly difficult job, there are a number of reasons to consider using a professional installer. A professional knows how to install the windows and has experience. This means that a professional can often replace all of the windows in a home in a day or two, while the project would take an inexperienced homeowner some time to make multiple replacements. A window professional can also help to spot structural or other problems in the home when replacing the windows.

Energy Savings

The most common reason that most people want replacement windows is to increase the energy efficiency of the home. A homeowner moving from a single pane window to a double pane window will see significant energy savings, with triple pane windows offering even more savings. Most windows are filled with argon gas, but windows with more expensive krypton gas offer more insulation. Special coatings on the windows can further add to energy savings.

Replacement Costs

With the home improvement sector struggling, many window companies and installers are offering deals on replacement windows. By contacting multiple window companies, a homeowner may be able to negotiate a great deal on replacement windows. Another way to cut the cost of replacement windows is to shop at window outlets. These outlets sell windows direct from the factory, often factory overruns. While an outlet may not have the exact size windows of your existing windows, in many cases the savings on the windows can make up for any additional cost fitting the windows to your home. A quick internet search should turn up a window outlet in your area that sells replacement windows, check them out and see what they have to offer. Be certain to determine whether or not the outlet’s windows carry a manufacturer warranty.

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