Tips for Cleaning Out Your Storage Shed

It’s time to clean out and sort through your storage shed. This is a great task for fall or spring as a means of making room before winter sets in and clearing space to prepare for the spring weather. Cleaning out and organizing your storage space gives you the opportunity to unload items you no longer need as well as discovering stuff you forgot you had.

Set Aside a Day

It might seem like working just a little here and there will get the job done eventually, but really, setting aside a large block of time to sort, clean and organize your storage space is truly the best option. I set aside a specific afternoon last week to dive into my storage shed and after several hours I had a large pile for trash, a pile to take to the scrap yard (for cash! ka-ching!) and a shed that I could walk around in.

It took several hours and doing a little here and there (which is what I had tried to do when I could find time) just wasn’t cutting it. Doing everything in one fell swoop as opposed to bits and pieces allowed me to focus on each box and item rather than scratching my head and wondering “Now what was I doing with this last week when I started on it?”

Start at the Doorway

Yoda would be proud with this wise admonition — start at the beginning. It’s true though. Start at the doorway of your shed or storage room and sort what is there. Keep sorting, throwing out, organizing and putting away as you move inward. An alternative yet similar method would be to start at the doorway then work around the room in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

Toss and Sort as You Go

I am notorious for setting things aside to take care of later. When cleaning out a storage shed, this isn’t a good idea. Deal with something when it is in front of you. I did make an exception with my storage shed when I cleaned it out last week, but the only exceptions were made with two plastic storage bins that held papers and other items. I did put those aside to deal with later but everything else got sorted, trashed or organized.

Grab trash bags, storage bins or trash cans for tossing as you sort. Throw away anything that is damaged. Set aside and bag up anything that you no longer want or need but is still usable. These items can be donated to charity.

Be Brutal

When clearing out that shed, take no prisoners! Be brutal and decisive. If an item has been in storage for more than a year (aside from seasonal items), chances are you haven’t missed it. Items that have sentimental value should be boxed up together and marked so you know what is in the box. Everything else…well get rid of it. Find it a new home where it will be loved and cherished and best of all, out of your way.

When you are finished with all of this, you should have a better organized storage space that is usable. I was able to store my push mower and other gardening accessories in my shed after cleaning it and I can actually find things now. It was definitely worth the effort.

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