Tips on How to Get Rid of Eye Stye ?

Eye Sty is a bacteria- infected inflammation of the lower or upper eyelid affecting the hair follicle. Once this has been infected it becomes a boil or a pimple. The infection leads to hair follicles getting blocked and swollen and resulting in pain, itching, and discomfort. Most Eye stye last for 3 to maybe 8 days depending on severity of the infection and the person fighting off the infection.

Quick and Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Eye Sty

There are several forms of treatment for Eye sty. One in particular that I want to focus more on is home remedies. In most cases home remedies can be used, to quickly and effectively get rid of this type of infection. What ever you do don’t touch the eye with your bare hands-as hands to carry harmful bacteria.

Here are just a few helpful tips — — .

Use a clean wet cloth or towel and press against the eye for about 15 minutes. Repeat this same action at least 3 to 5 times daily. This will help prevent the boil or pimple from fully forming. Wet tea bags place on eye cold or hot this works great and gives 4-5 hours of relief from irritation. Echinacea and Ginseng herbal pills are good for infection and build your immune system. You can make a pasty substance out of potatoes and place it on the eyes to reduce swelling Avoid sugary and starchy foods 1 cup of water with 1 tsp of coriander seeds should be boiled in a cup of water. After the water cools wash eyes with this 3- 4 times a day. Drinking lemon water will cause the sty to shrink in size According to doctors turmeric is one of the best home remedies for eye sty. This is a solution that is used in boiled water to make an eye drop solution.

Hopefully the few remedies that are listed will help you, there are many more and all can not be listed at this time. Remember sties can spread from an infected person to other members of the family. Please remember to separate towels, and even the bar of soap.

Whatever you do don’t touch the sty and do not try to burst the sty because it will spread and infect the other eye. It’s no fun having two infected eyes at the same time.

What do I do now that it’s gone?

After using the home remedies to get rid of eye sty. Drink dandelion tea, this is also a home remedy that is used to keep the bacteria away. The sty may in fact be gone but in some cases the bacteria that cause the infection the first time may still be lingering for a few days afterward. If you wear glasses be sure to clean them properly to prevent infection in future. Be sure not to touch the eye too often for it is still prone to flaring up easily afterward.

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