Tips to Keep Your Toddler From Destroying the Christmas Tree

Everyone who celebrates Christmas enjoys the sight of a lovely, decorated Christmas tree. If you have a toddler in the house, however, you quickly realize that your lovely Christmas tree has become the greatest plaything in the world, in your toddler’s eyes anyway. If you have a toddler on the loose this Christmas you may find yourself policing the Christmas tree 24/7 to keep ornaments intact and baby from injury. If you have a toddler, and a Christmas tree, try these tips to keep your toddler from destroying the highlight of your Christmas décor.

Allow a Full Viewing. Any curious toddler (and let’s face it, ALL toddlers are curious!) is going to want to know what that sparkly, shiny new object is that suddenly appeared in the house. The first step to keeping your toddler from destroying the Christmas tree is to allow him to see the tree from all angles. Hold him up to see the Christmas tree, let him gently touch the branches, ornaments, and even the lights. Tell him what the tree is and explain that it requires a “gentle touch.” Trying to keep your toddler away from the Christmas tree from the get-go will only pique his interest, so be sure to offer a full viewing of the tree, and it’s fancy contents, from the beginning of the Christmas season.

Try the “One Finger” rule. Expecting your busy toddler to completely avoid the Christmas tree is a little far-fetched. But older toddlers are certainly capable of learning how to touch the Christmas tree in a safe way. Show your toddler how to use one finger to touch the tree and the ornaments. Explain that the Christmas tree is breakable and you have to touch with one finger. You might be surprised how well your older toddler will respond to this method.

Keep the presents away. More-so than the Christmas tree itself, your toddler is likely to be even more drawn to the shiny packages beneath the tree. To save yourself the headache of keeping your toddler from opening every gift well before Christmas, simply store your gifts in an alternate location for one year. Putting the wrapped gifts out of reach of your toddler will probably save some tears (or at major frustration) from both of you.

Hang your ornaments wisely. Some Christmas tree ornaments are more nostalgic than others. Some ornaments are more easily broken than others. Consider how important or breakable each ornament is as you decorate the tree. Hang the breakable and special ornaments high, or far back within the branches of the tree, to keep them out of reach of baby. Place unbreakable or easily replaceable ornaments closer to the bottom.

Try a different location. If you always put your Christmas tree right in the middle of the living room, the place your family spends the most time, it might be the year to try placing the Christmas tree in a different location. Moving the Christmas tree to a less-used room for a year or two might be the best way to keep your toddler from destroying it.

Toddlers are naturally curious creatures and everything about a Christmas tree is curious! To keep frustrations and temper-tantrums at bay, try these tips to keep your toddler from destroying the Christmas tree. And a merry Christmas will be had by all!

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