Tips to Stay Safe and Avoid Becoming a Victim During the Holidays

During the holidays crime usually increases in many areas of the country. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of a crime when doing your holiday shopping and throughout the year.

Stay safe and away from dimly lit, secluded areas of parking lots. You may not see an assailant before it is too late.

Shop with a friend or with a group to avoid becoming a victim. Criminals are usually looking for those traveling alone, not in groups.

Carry a loud whistle and your cell phone with you. If you think you are in danger, you can always blow your whistle loudly while dialing 911.

While in the store after making a purchase, put your cash or credit card back into your wallet before leaving the counter. Thieves are looking for people carrying cash and credit cards.

When returning to your car in a parking lot, stay safe by having the keys ready to open up the door quickly. Don’t give an assailant time to grab you while you are hunting for your keys.

When walking through a parking lot, don’t walk past a van with a sliding door. It is very easy for someone to open the sliding door and grab you.

Remember where you parked your car, so that you are not searching the parking lot for your car. The sooner you are back in your car and on the way home, the better.

Lastly, avoid becoming a victim by paying attention to what is happening around you. Don’t be looking down at you cell phone. Keep your head up and stay safe while walking quickly through the parking lots of stores.

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