TNA Sacrifice 2011 Results

Match 1: Ink Inc v. Mexican America

After Shannon Moore took Anarchia out of the ring, Jesse attempted to call him back in to help finish off Hernandez. But the momentary distraction allowed Hernandez to counter Jesse and escape his grasp. In the meantime, Shannon tried to get back to the ring, only to be distracted by Rosita. He grabbed her by the hair and threatened to hit her, when Jesse broke free of tussling with Hernandez and stopped Shannon from doing so. As the two were arguing, Serita and Anarchia pulled Shannon out of the ring and it allowed Hernandez to sneak up on Jesse, lift him up over his shoulder and slam him face down to the mat. Hernandez went for the pin and won the match. Mexican America celebrated as a huge Mexican flag dropped in the background.

Winners: Mexican America

Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out to the ring with Karen on crutches. Jarrett then claimed that Karen slipped and fell at home tripping on one of her son’s action toys and has a broken ankle. Needless to say that there would not be a tag match between the two of them and the team of Chyna and Kurt Ankle. Before they could leave, Mick Foley came out to the ring and said that he can confirm that he saw an X-Ray and the ankle is in fact fractured in two places, but he said that the X-Ray can reveal the gender, race, and size of a subject and Karen was not a 6 foot 6 inch African American male. Foley then said that he know that her “injury” would be fine by match time because they were standing inside a wrestling ring, where wrestling matters. Karen said she had nothing to wear to the match, but Foley said that he had the backstage seamstress came up with an outfit for her, and she would look really good while getting her ass beaten by Chyna. Karen took off the leg brace she was wearing and threw it at Foley as he was walking away.

Match 2: Robbie E v. Brian Kendrick

Before the match, Kendrick was interviewed and said that the definition of the X division has been perverted and molested, made into “filler” and disrespected, but he would now bring the X Division back. He came to the ring and meditated, but was interrupted by Robbie E, who got assaulted for doing so. He then went back to meditating but would counter every attempted attack by Robbie. When Robbie retreated to the outside, Kendrick followed and told the interfering Cookie that God has a plan for her. He threw Robbie back into the ring and climbed the ropes, but after being distracted by Cookie got kicked to the outside by Robbie. As Kendrick made it back into the ring, Robbie beat up on him for several minutes, bustin Kendrick’s nose in the process. When both men were on the floor, Robbie tried to suplex Kendrick, but Kendrick landed behind him and threw Robbie into the apron. Back in the ring Kendrick hit Robbie with a drop kick off the ropes and looked like he was gaining momentum back, but after throwing his robe on Robbie’s head he charged Robbie in the corner, but Robbie picked him up and dropped him into the corner. Robbie went for a neck breaker but was shoved off into the ropes, and after missing Kendrick with a clothesline was kicked with a jumping kick to the face and pinned by Kendrick. He then meditated a bit and got up, extending his hand to Robbie and trying to raise Robbie’s hand. When Robbie shoved him off, he tried to grab Cookie’s hand, but she fought him off as well. As they attempted to leave ringside, Kendrick followed them.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Match 3: Mickie James v. Madison Rayne (Knockouts Championship) (If Mickie wins, Tara is free of contractual obligations to Madison)

Before the match, Madison warned Tara not to come out to ringside. Shortly after the opening bell, Tara came out anyways, and after yelling at her, Madison realized she was about to be counted out, so she rushed the ring, only to be hit with a sliding drop kick by Mickie. Mickie got her back in the ring, where Madison fought back, and countered Mickie’s offensive by dropping her on the back of her head from the middle ropes. Madison taunted Tara by choking Mickie on the ropes, and then went out to bad mouth Tara again. Mickie would come back again, trying to pin Madison several times, but Madison kept kicking out. One of those attempts resulted in Madison violently escaping and nailing the ref in the face. Madison went to the outside, looked under the ring and pulled out a black glove which she intended to use. However, on her way back in, Tara grabbed her arm and took the glove off her. After going after Mickie again, Madison allowed Mickie to get back into the match and lift her up, nailing her with a backwards dropping face buster. She then went up to the top ropes and came off with a cross body, but Madison pulled the ref in the way. Mickie would then attempt to finish Madison off, but Tara came into the ring wearing the loaded black glove. Mickie turned around in time to see her and the two stood staring at each other, while Madison screamed for Tara to hit Mickie with the glove. Tara considered what she would do, and the wound up to hit Madison, who said she would give Tara back her job and got on her knees begging Tara to “do the right thing.” Tara turned to Mickie and said she had to do it and pretended to wind up to hit her, only to nail Madison in the face instead. She then woke up the ref as Mickie covered Madison for the winning pin.

Winner: Mickie James

Match 4: Kazarian v. Max Buck (X Division Championship)

The match started off somewhat slow, but picked up speed during its progress. Several minutes into the match, Max flipped Kazarian over and tried to pin him, but was not able to. He then lifted Kazarian as if to suplex him, but placed his feet on the top ropes instead, and brought him down with a DDT into the ring. Max then mounted the top turnbuckles, hitting Kazarian with a 450 splash, but Kazarian would once again escape the pin attempt, shocking Max. As Kazarian tried to get back to his feet, Max taunted him and kicked him in the head. Kazarian then lifted Max buck, dropping him gut first across the top ropes and kicked him in the head. As Max wobbled on the apron, trying to hang on to the top ropes, Kazarian flipped over him and power bombed him to the outside of the ring, causing Max’s head to smash on the concrete floor. Kazarian threw Max back into the ring and tried to pin him, but Max kicked out. As Karazarian circled the ring, the crowd chanted “this is wresting!” Approaching Max, Kazarian was surprised by a roll up pin attempt, which he would escape. He quickly got to his feet and lifted Max to hit him with the Fade To Black reverse pile driver, but Max got away. Kazarian quickly bounced off the ropes and came back at Max, hitting him with a Shining Wizard knee shot to the head and pinned him for the win.

Winner: Kazarian

Match 5: Abyss v. Crimson

The two big men exchanged some shoulder blocks, but the fight then went to the outside. Crimson dominated for a time, but when he charged Abyss, Abyss moved and Crimson hit the steel post. Abyss then slammed Crimson into the ring steps and threw him back in the ring where Abyss remained in firm control of the contest. Crimson eventually did fight back and kept trying to take Abyss down and quickly pin him. Crimson made the mistake of charging Abyss in the corner, but Abyss ducked him and choke slammed Crimson to the mat. He tried a pin, but Crimson got out. Abyss went under the ring and pulled his nail filled two by four, Janice. As Abyss charged Crimson after bouncing off the ropes, Crimson ducked Janice, and speared Abyss to the mat. He tried to pin Abyss right then and there, but Abyss escaped. Crimson tried the spear again, but Abyss kicked him in the chest, sending him crashing to the mat. Abyss picked up Crimson to try the Shock Treatment, but Crimson escaped and hit Abyss with a DDT. After another fruitless attempt at a pin, Abyss rolled ouf of the ring and went for Janice, but Crimson got his attention back in the ring, after hitting Crimson in the head. With Crimson on the mat, Abyss would go to the second ropes, bounce up and come crashing down on Crimson’s chest. He attempted a pin, but Crimson powered out. As Crimson got to his feet, Abyss charged at him in the corner, but Crimson moved and Abyss ran into the corner chest first. As he bounced off, Crimson lifted Abyss off his feet and slammed him down on his back with a sit down slam, and followed that up with the winning pin.

Winner: Crimson

Match 6: Beer Money v. Matt Hardy & Chris Harris (Tag Team Championship)

When Harris was first tagged into the match against Storm, Harris got right back out. But as Storm had his back turned, Harris took a swig from Storm’s beer bottle and snuck up behind Storm, spitting the beer in his face. Harris would then pound away on his former partner and double teamed him along with Hardy. Storm would eventually tag Roode into the match, but Roode didn’t last too long before falling victim to the offensive tactics of Hardy and Harris. When Roode finally made it to his partner, Storm got back in the ring right as Hardy tagged Harris into the match. Storm would beat up on Harris, hitting him with multiple sets of punches to the head. When Harris tried to throw Strom to the outside, Storm held on to the ropes, and flipped back into the ring where he would take Harris down again. When Hardy came in to help his partner, Storm shoved him into the ropes, but before bouncing off, Hardy tumbled to the outside as Roode pulled down the ropes. In the ring, Storm hit Harris with a reverse DDT from the corner turnbuckles and attempted to pin him, but Harris kicked out. Roode came back into the ring as Beer Money prepared to double team Harris, but Hardy made it back into the ring just in time to save his partner. This gave Harris a chance to hit Storm with the Catotnic, until he turned around into Roode who would lift him up and slam him to the mat with a spine buster. Roode helped up Storm and they ducked a clothesline attempt from Hardy, double suplexing him to the mat. Harris charged Roode from behind, but Roode stepped to the side and Harris ran into a kick from Storm. Roode joined Storm as they were about to deliver to DWI, but Storm pointed to the corner, and Roode agreed on their next planned move, as they brought Harris into the corner and hit him with America’s Most Wanted finisher, the Death Sentence. Storm then covered Harris for the victory.

Winner: Beer Money

Match 7: Tommy Dreamer v. AJ Styles (No Disqualification)

After a few minutes the match spilled to the outside. AJ crotched Dreamer on the guard rails and hit him with a leaping forearm from a nearby guard rail. The fight then went to the crowd where the two men fought amongst the fans before making their way back to ringside. Dreamer retrieved a trash can full of objects from under the ring, but before he could use it, AJ took him down. AJ then retrieved a table from under the ring and slid it into the ring. He dropped the table on Dreamer and then set it up slanted in the middle of the ring. After not being able to side suplex dreamer through it, AJ positioned Dreamer in the corner and used the table as a running ramp to throw another forearm in the corner. He then bounced Dreamer’s head on the table, and tried to pin him. Dreamer kicked out, so AJ decided to suplex him through the table. Dreamer reversed however, hitting AJ with a DDT on the garbage can. He tried to pin AJ who kicked out, which made Dreamer grab a fork and go for AJ’s eye (similarly to what AJ did in the last match these two had). AJ was able to power the fork away and take Dreamer down again. AJ once again positioned the table mid-ring, slanted to one side, but was almost hit with the Death Valley Driver through it. He escaped and kicked Dreamer in the gut, setting him up for the Styles clash. At that moment, Bully Ray slid into the ring behind AJ and hit him over the head with some object. Bully Ray immediately took off as Daniels ran down to the ring and chased him out. Dreamer then picked up AJ and hit him with a jumping Piledriver through the table, and was able to get the winning pin.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Match 8: Kurt Angle & Chyna v. Jeff & Karen Jarrett

Angle and Jarrett started the match, with Angle had a significant advantage. Angle then tagged in Chyna, while Jarrett slithered to the outside and refused to come back in. He tried to convince Karen to get into the ring, but she also hesitated. When the Jarretts were close to being counted out, Karen slowly began to get in the ring. Jarrett circled the ring and snuck up behind Kurt, nailing him in the back. The ref forced Chyna back to the apron as Jarrett went to work on Angle. This didn’t last long as Kurt quickly turned the match in his favor, putting Jarrett in an ankle lock. Karen came in to try to help, but Kurt piced her up over his shoulder and tried to bring her over to his own corner. Jarrett clipped Angle’s knee, allowing Karen to escape. Jarrett would capitalize on his offensive advantage for a couple of minutes, but as he planted Kurt in the ropes and was about to rush to sit onto Kurt’s back, Kurt swung around, taking Jarrett out with the clothesline. Jarrett tried to get back in control but fell victim to another clothesline, a powe rslam, and then a series of three belly to back suplexes. When Angle went for the ankle lock, Jarrett kicked him away but was soon hit with the Angle slam. Kurt went for the cover, but Jarrett escaped. As Jarrett went to his corner, Kurt tagged in Chyna who hit Jarrett with a body slam and a standing suplex. She then followed Karen around ringside, but as Karen went back into the ring, she backed into Kurt who stopped her long enough for Chyna to back her into a corner and run into her with a splash. Chyna then dropped Karen with a pedigree drop and locked in her own version of the ankle lock. As Karen was ready to tap out, Jarrett slid into the ring and stopped her arm from tapping. As he was occupied making sure his wife didn’t tap, Kurt got behind Jeff and locked in the ankle lock on him. As Kurt pulled Jarrett away, Karen tapped out to the ankle lock.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Chyna

Match 9: Sting v. RVD

For the first several minutes of the match, the match was relatively back and forth, with RVD getting the majority of the advantage. However, any pin falls attempted by RVD, Sting kicked out of and got up quickly from. RVD continued his offense, trying to flip into Sting in the corner, but he missed and fell violently through the ropes and to the floor. Sting followed RVD to the outside as RVD struggled to get up using the barricades. When Sting charged him, RVD moved, and Sting landed chest first on the barricades. RVD attempted to hop up on the rails and hit Sting with a leg drop, but this time Sting moved, and RVD got nothing but metal with his leg. Sting took RVD for a fight in the crowd as the two would battle around the arena for several minutes. After hitting Sting with a drop kick right in front of a row of fans, RVD waited for Sting to go down a set of stairs, and then threw himself into a cross body onto Sting. Both men struggled to their feet as Sting rolled under the barricades and got back into the ring, while RVD slowly made his way over the barricades and followed. As RVD tried to get into the ring, Sting grabbed him by the hair, but RVD dropped to the floor and catapulted Sting’s throat over the top ropes. RVD would go on a temporary offensive, but Sting soon fought back. RVD was able to dodge a Stinger splash in the corner and then headed to the top ropes, coming off on Sting with a Five Star Frog Splash. When Sting moved, RVD hit the ring and as he got back to his feet, Sting hit him with two consecutive Scorpion Death Drops, and scored the winning pin, in a surprisingly lackluster main event. After the match, RVD shook Sting’s hand and hugged him, leaving Sting to celebrate. Ken Anderson, who was at the announcers’ table with Mike Tenay and Taz came down to the ring and stood face to face with Sting, previewing the main event at the following month’s Slammersary PPV.

Winner: Sting

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