Top 3 Places to Fly Fish

Fly fishing is becoming a popular sport across the country. People are buying the gear and getting ready for the big day, but most do not know where to go once they get their gear. The top three places to go fly fishing are public waters, private waters and pay-to-fish waters.

Public Waters

When fly fishing public waters, you can fish a variety of waters. The top choices for this are streams, rivers or lakes. My favorite is lakes. If you are starting out, I would suggest starting out in lakes because it is easier to learn the basics of casting, retrieving and setting the hook on a lake than it is on a river.

When trying to find these public waters, the best thing to do is ask where to go. Places to find more information are

Visit your local sporting goods store and ask where a good place to fish is. Ask friends or family in the area where they fish. Visit your local state department’s website.

Private Waters

When deciding to fly fish on private land, always make sure you ask the owner first. If the owner grants you permission to use his land, let him know when you will be finished. This shows you are not there to be a bother to them. Also assure the owner you will practice catch-and-release tactics. Some owners may tell you they want you to keep what you catch. It all depends.

Pay-to-Fish Waters

Pay-to-fish places are very common. Some are clubs and others are just walk in and fish type places. They are typically stocked with a large amount of trout or bass. These places are great for beginners to start because they will really give you experience on how to cast and set the hook. These places sometimes guarantee you will catch a fish or your money back. The only downside to pay-to-fish places is the fact that you have to pay to fish.

These are the places most people tend to fly fish. There are others, but if you are starting out, just stick with these until you get some experience. To really get good at fly fishing, read a lot about the sport before trying it. Once you have some knowledge built up, get out there and apply what you have learned.

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