Top Ten Reasons to Consider Embracing Your Inner Atheist

This a risky subject I admit. And am I saying that I am one of Them– those people without beliefs?

Actually, no I am not. I don’t feel a need to disclose my beliefs, feelings or lack of. It seems to me that labels belong on clothes, not people and are never helpful.

And my personal relationship with Jesus Christ? -Well, it is just that. It is personal. I don’t feel the need to invite you into my head to examine all my complex thoughts or into my heart to know all of my many sentiments. I also don’t need to know yours. You share with me what you choose.

But it seems like the time is right to look at the positives we can learn from each Other. I don’t think we need to worry anytime soon about the plight of Born again Christians, billionaires, or white males. Those voices seem to be speaking loud enough.

So, here goes:

Number 10: You will have more free time

You don’t have to spend all that time at Church, temple, mosque or wherever. You can sleep in.

Number 9: You can use your money to help out who you want to.

Instead of handing it over as a “tithe” to an organization who decides for you.

Number 8: You can think for yourself.

You don’t have to memorize and quote Bible verses for everything you say, do or think.

Number 7: You don’t have to pray before you eat.

Though the food here in France is so heavenly even the staunchest of atheists would offer a prayer of thanks as they eat it! And I am always thankful for a great meal!

Number 6: You can have sex and not feel guilty about it

Okay this one is self explanatory (even diy is okay,and often better). Wait! Maybe this should be the best reason to be an atheist!

Number 5: You can live for today.

Because you are not waiting for an afterlife to make you or those around you happy.

Number 4: You can quit feeling guilty.

Over something that you think you actually did was wrong or something that you should have done but didn’t. You can also quit Blaming. You get to be responsible for your decisions.

Number 3: You don’t have to live in constant Fear

Of punishment now and/or and eternal damnation.

Number 2: You don’t have to judge Others.

In fact you can lose the burden of deciding this is right and that is wrong. You only have to decide for you. And you don’t have to assert your beliefs onto everyone around you. And you can lose your appetite to Hate.

and the Number 1 reason: You have freedom.

To choose to live in a way that really represents you.You get to choose whether to live small or Big, positive or negative. And you understand that with that freedom comes responsibility and consequences, benefits and surprises. And you are not afraid to face them.

Just saying. …..

And yes, I know there are negatives. This is a discussion of the positives, remember?

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