Top Three Motorcycle Tours in England and Wales

England is a great place to ride a motorcycle. Luscious scenery, beautiful towns, villages, and places to eat await riders. These rides are open to beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. Experience the English countryside and take plenty of film or memory cards. The pictures and videos you bring back will keep friends and relatives entertained for years to come.

San’s Wheel and Turn Day Adventure

This 157.8 mile ride begins and ends in Manchester. It winds through many towns and villages. Parts of the ride have twisty roads that are easy enough for beginners to navigate. The ride breaks in Matlock, where fuel is available. Get something to eat and drink at the Gate Public House, established in 1869.

The ride stops again in Buxton, home of the famous spas filled with natural “healing waters.” People have been partaking of “the waters” for centuries, all the way back to the Roman occupation.

Just for Mark and Anyone Else Who Fancies It

This ride is 150 miles long. It begins in Manchester and ends in Caernarfon, Wales. The ride stops at the Raven Café in Whitchurch, 47.7 miles into the ride. This is a good time to top off the tanks of you and your bike. This ancient town sits on the border between England and Wales.

Stop again for food and fuel at the Ponderosa Café near Rhosllannerchrugog, Wales. The village’s name is pronounced rhos-lan-er-crew-gog. The ride continues through stunning country through Snowdonia National Park. You’ll see mountains, beaches, moorland and much, much more.

The ride ends in Caernarfon where Edward I built Caernarfon Castle and made the town the seat of his Northern Wales government. The castle was the site of the investiture of Charles, Prince of Wales in 1969.

Caernarfon is near the sea, and has many fine restaurants with fresh seafood. Stop at a bed and breakfast before returning.

English South Coast and 1066 Country

This tour takes visitors through the 1066 country, which is where the Battle of Hastings was fought in the year 1066. Battle Abbey, Hastings Old town, Pevensey Roman fort and Norman castle, and Romney marsh countryside ancient churches offers photo and video opportunities many visitors often miss.

Tour smuggler’s villages, Canterbury Cathedral City and Sandwich medieval port town. Restaurants, shops and more make this vacation special. When you get home, you’ll have amazing pictures and video to show everyone.

It is important to remember that when riding a bike in England, helmets are mandatory. Dress for cool to cold weather according to the time of the year. Most towns and large villages have banks to exchange funds for visitors. Relax and enjoy touring ancient and beautiful scenery, architecture, food, wine and everything England has to offer. Motorcycle rentals are available in different cities.

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