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Since we started homeschooling four years (almost five) ago, I have struggled finding a decent Bible study or curriculum that meets our needs.
It has been such a struggle in fact that this year, I committed to myself that I would save my own sanity and opt for reading from the Bible each morning, only diving in to the word as far as we needed based upon questions my children asked. It wasn’t a real in depth study idea from me but I was fed up with the searching.
I felt like God would lead us in the direction we would need to go. God is pretty awesome because my oldest son really loves to dig into the word. He loves to study God’s word and take in all aspects of his word. This merely reading thing wasn’t going over really well for him.
Guess What?
God sent me the best, most Awesome Bible study/curriculum that we could have ever asked for!!!
I have never heard of Positive Action for Christ, let alone their Bible study entitled: “The Life of Christ from the Gospel of John”. So I had no great expectations nor did I have any misconceptions regarding Positive Action for Christ.
Let me just say our family was so blessed with this curriculum that words can not describe our thoughts. However, for review purposes I must try!
The package arrived at my doorstep in very sturdy packaging. I like this because I know that whatever is inside is being protected. So, If I were investing in a good quality product with my husband’s hard earned money, I would defiantly want to protect my investment. Positive Action for Christ handles your investment with great care.
I opened the package to reveal a beautiful set of books. The quality of this product is amazing. I guess I have been looking at the wrong products for many years because I was highly impressed with these books. My oldest son took a peek and was really impressed with what he saw. He was ready to start as soon as I would let him.
As I read through the materials I was highly impressed with the layout. The program is geared toward a teacher but Positive Action for Christ has compensated for homeschoolers (with different learning styles), bible study groups, youth groups and so on. The creators of this curriculum actually homeschool their own children, making it a well thought out layout.
The Life of Christ from the Gospel of John is written on a 10th grade level but can be adapted for younger or older students (in my opinion). My two oldest children worked through this together (11 and 14) so it can be done.
They have been enjoying learning about Christ through the Gospel of John. This study has opened all of our eyes to more than just a story from one man. We have learned so much in the way of attitudes, feelings, thoughts and the list goes on.
Here’s what my boys had to say…
J (14) says…
“It was very detailed and it has facts to support what the authors are teaching.”
I give this study 9 stars out of 10!

K (11) says…
“I liked it. I wasn’t very good at understanding the Bible but with this book, I was able to understand the Bible better. I did not dislike anything about this Bible study.”
I give this 10 stars out of 10!!

The Life of Christ from the Gospel of John is available and each book is sold separately at the Positive Action for Christ website.
The Teacher’s Manual is sold for $41.95 and has 342 pages.
The Student’s Manual is sold for $17.95 and has 277 pages.
There are also some other options that are available with this study such as, an outline student manual, a teacher’s manual on DVD, deluxe presentation DVD, or overhead transparencies. Each of the mentioned products range in price and are completely optional meant as a help to the study.
I feel that the program is pricey but after much thought about the price issues, I would rather have a quality product for a higher amount, rather than waste dollar after dollar on programs that are second rate getting no use from our family. We will continue with this Bible study and I will be making our Bible study/curriculum purchases from Positive Action for Christ from now on!

Want to know what others have to say about Positive Action for Christ?

Have no fear my other TOS Crew Members are here.

**I was given a free copy of The Life of Christ from the Gospel of John in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given. All thoughts are my own. My experience may be different than yours.**

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