Toshiba Satellite Laptops Are Tops for Me!

As a Realtor, I depend greatly on my laptop for any number of things. Document creation and storage, photo uploading and quick access to numerous marketing sights are of primary importance. The Toshiba Satellite makes all of this easy for me.

The model I currently own is the Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4040. It is a much less expensive version of the Toshiba Satellite I owned prior to this one. One of the lessons I have learned the hard way is if you don’t need all the bells and whistles on a laptop, don’t buy them. Toshiba Satellites come in a variety of models with different specifications. The L645D-S4040 is more than enough for my daily work demands. It is able to handle creation and storage of files, storage and easy uploading of pictures needed to market my properties, and has plenty of storage space.

The laptop has a touchpad for navigation so you don’t need a mouse. If you prefer a mouse (like me) no worries as there are USB connections on each side allowing you to plug in your mouse and still be able to connect to your printer at the same time. Battery life is strong, but what helps is that the laptop goes in to sleep mode when not in use helping to conserve your battery life. Recovery time is quick too so little time is wasted waiting for your system to pop back up.

DVD/CD player is great and you even have the ability to burn CD’s and DVD’s. The 14″ screen is not as big as some other laptops, but I find it ample for my use. This laptop weighs about 5 pounds making it extremely portable. The L645D-S4040 model fits nicely into a soft laptop bag or big purse. Wireless connectivity is quick and easy. Webcam and microphone are built-in making it very easy to connect with loved ones via Skype or to attend video conferences when necessary. Everything you need for business or fun on the go! They come in great colors too! Mine is purple which makes it even more fun for me!

If you’re looking for a fun, reliable, easy to use laptop that won’t cost a fortune, and can handle a multitude of tasks, check out the Toshiba Satellites. You’ll be glad you did. There really is one for whatever your needs.

By the way, 93% of all Toshiba laptops, netbooks and Tablet PC’s have met the ENERGY STAR 4.0 standard since it was established in 2007. That’s important for our planet.

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