Toxic Prank Evacuates Plane

When I read this story about a grown woman who drew a cartoon bomb on her friend’s luggage, it sent shivers up my spine. We’re one week away from the anniversary of 911 and this lady in Miami is cartooning a bomb on luggage with the words “boom” scribbled next to it. It may have been just a prank but I don’t see any humor in it.

I began to reflect on the differences in cultures and the things that make us laugh. Certain subjects are just taboo and what makes you chuckle may be insulting to me. We Americans are definitely touchy when it comes to anything remotely resembling a terror threat. There is nothing funny about a bomb on a plane. It is toxic sense of humor.

The prank interrupted flight service at Miami International Airport and Danisa Landaeta, of downtown Miami, has been charged with “planting of hoax bomb,” which is criminal mischief, Miami-Dade police said. You can read the full article here.

People are accusing the TSA for being out of control. Others have stated that it was just a joke and we’ve lost our sense of humor. Maybe that is true but some pranks and jokes just don’t strike a humorous cord with me. There is nothing remotely funny about the combination of a bomb and a plane. Sorry, I’m just not laughing at this one.

Landaeta is a 30-year old who should have known better. Perhaps she has forgotten the anguish of 911. Maybe she wasn’t thinking or worse, perhaps she doesn’t care, but I will never forget what happened that day.

The Miami International Airport terminal was evacuated so that all of the luggage could be checked. Passengers were detained and all told, it cost about $1,000 in security according to officials.

Maybe a piece of my humor died on that September day ten years ago along with all of those innocent lives that were lost on 911. Then again, I don’t think anything with a bomb in it would ever have made me laugh.


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