Toy and Game Memories

iPod, iPhone, iPad
I want! I want! I want!
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

This is what it’s all about for today’s kids. These hi tech items are magnets for kids and teens, no doubt about it.They make me pause and think of what I played with and what I wanted when I grew up, oh those many years ago.

It was a time of building creations, a doll named Barbie and games galore! Many of my favorite memories are the times I spent playing with these toys and games. Several span many generations. I had two brothers, which also influenced which ones were in our house. How many of them do you recall?

Barbie – Take her to the malt shop or skiing!
Candy land – Don’t get stuck in the molasses swamp.
Chutes and Ladders – Up the ladders and down the chutes!
Erector Sets – Use the electric motor and hoist a crane.
Etch a Sketch – Turn two knobs and draw amazing images.
The Mousetrap Game – Race through the maze!
Monopoly – Buy deeds, houses and hotels.
View Master – Push the lever and change the picture slide.
Lincoln Logs – Build a log cabin with real wooden logs.
Tinker Toys – Construct windmills and cubes.
Water Wiggle – Jump and squeal in spraying water.
Slip and Slide – Run, belly flop, slide!
Model Building – Kits of plastic and balsa wood to glue together.

What toys and games kept you busy and amused in the pre-computer days?

Play is actually “work” for children. It’s how they develop communication skills, patience, group interaction and tolerance. It’s important!

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