Transitional Travel Clothing

As we head into winter, choosing which items to pack can be quite tricky especially when one encounters climate shifts when traveling from one region to another. Here’s a few suggestions for some layered clothing and footwear that can be packed along so you can add and subtract items of clothing depending on the temperature

The Land’s End Starfish Collection of tops and bottoms might feel like you’re wearing sweats but these casual clothes have a crisp and more professional look. This thick fabric breathes well, so you won’t start to sweat profusely should the temperature spike suddenly. Pair a French terry knit top, polo, turtleneck and then pair it with cotton jersey stretch pants or leggings and you have a color coordinated look that can be dressed up or down with accessories. Toss on a silky smooth cardigan if you start to feel a bit nippy. This collection comes in regular, petite and plus sizes.

If you need some slightly heavier layers, check out Prana’s Adventure Friendly Collection . This company started out 18 years ago making clothing for yoga and climbing and their selection of jackets, vest, pullovers, and pants reflect that combination of durability and flexibility that one finds in yoga wear. These items come in subdued colors for a casual look that can take one from a sleeping overnight on a train or catching a red eye flight and yet emerge looking fresh and unwrinkled. One suggested combo is to pair their twisty pullover with their lightly lined Maya pant f or an outfit that can keep one warm without overheating. They also have a collection of Adventure Friendly clothing for men .

Okabashi clogs made with 100% recyclable material easily slip off when going through TSA screeners. These supportive rubber shoes have a massaging insole that helps relieve foot and back pain. Should you get caught in the rain, these shoes are completely waterproof and won’t slip. Also they are odor resistant and antimicrobial, so you can work up a sweat while walking without causing a stink. Also they’re sturdy enough that they can be worn with a pair of warm socks when the weather starts to fall. At the end of your trip, just run them through the dishwasher and they’re all clean and ready to keep on walking.

So that you can preserve your dressy flats and heels, pack along Shuella, an umbrella for your shoes. This fashionable footwear accessory slips over dress shoes to prevent them from getting drenched in a downpour. When you get in from the ran, simply dry them off with the included cloth and then slip them back into their convenient pouch. Don’t use them with athletic shoes or wear them on ice or in snow. They slip over any size dress heel and come in sizes 5 to 11 ½ with a range of colors from classic black to hot pink.

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