Tribute Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois

Enjoy fine dining, good company and beautiful views of Grant Park while enjoying the relaxing vibe at Tribute Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. Located at 800 South Michigan Avenue, Tribute Restaurant is one of the city’s most popular restaurants for serving comfort food.

Known for their Southern influenced menu, Tribute Restaurant is popular among Chicago locals and visitors alike. The views of Grant Park make for a memorable dining experience making seating most anywhere doable, but, the weight of the experience is definitely on the cuisine. The chef at Tribute Restaurant offers patrons a variety of Southern inspired dishes designed keep guests returning.

Considering the restaurant is open the majority of the day guests to Tribute Restaurant have the opportunity to sample the cuisine from all menus. There are a few things of course you don’t need a menu for when you think of Southern cuisine such as the restaurants smoke hominy and sweet corn custard.

Though the focus is New American at Tribute Restaurant patrons have the opportunity to experience a fusion of unique dishes such as pork belly, sweet potatoes and mustard greens; and dishes such as the broccoli and cheddar soup, the house macaroni and cheese made with brisket, cheddar and pimento; and personally one of the ultimate dishes at Tribute Restaurant is the veal sweetbreads served with smoked potato puree made with lavender, country lemon and pickled ramps. Dessert choices include kaffir lime custard, one minute chocolate cake, fennel funnel cake, strawberry gelee and more.

Overall a visit to Tribute Restaurant must be on the to-do list when visiting the windy city. The food is excellent and quite affordable and the environment of the restaurant is welcoming and truly enjoyable. Tribute Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois is open for business between the hours of 6AM to 10:30PM Sunday through Thursday and from 6AM to 12AM Friday and Saturday.

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