To my best friend and brother that battles every day,

With pain in his hands that no one understands,

But has a heart of gold,

And has always stood by me every day,

To my best friend and sister that is a true joy,

Has the most none visible diseases

Of Crones and IBS,

That is always someone who will lend an ear,

When you need someone to vent,

And when you need some peace,

And love,

And joy,

To my mom who battles hardship every day,

Who was a single parent,

Who gave everything she could,

To make sure I grew up with what I could,

And was proud of me every step of the way,

To my wonderful husband,

Who is quiet to most,

But truly is a wonderful person,

Who is protective and loving,

And always there for me,

To those people in my groups,

Those I have known for years,

And those I have known for a short period of time,

That has shared in laughter and tears,

In joy and sadness,

In beauty and dreams,

To those online,

My family,

My friends,

My acquaintances,

Through the hardships you may walk,

Through the struggles you may crawl through,

Through the desperation and getting through this thing called life,

To those I do not know,

That may have hardships that you feel no one understands,

Or takes a moment to listen to,

Or feel you are all alone,

Just know that there is someone there,

Deep within if you look within,

These words are for you,

To help you pull through,

So remember these words,

Remember there is hope,

Remember there is peace,

Remember there is still joy,

Remember when even through the battles,

There are people, who care,

Who understand,

Who love,

If just given a chance.

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