Triond Versus Experts Column

I am going to talk about my personal experiences so far with both these sites. I have not been with Experts column for to long, about 1 week now. Then with Triond I have spent nearly a year on there, and have about 105 articles up at this time. Now In the next few paragraphs to come I am going to talk about my experiences with both web sites.

Triond a website where you submit articles and get paid for them by the amount of views you get, or by Adsense. Well with the Adsense on Triond it can pay pretty well, and is usually more then what Triond pays you. However I hear of people getting banned on Adsense for integrating it with Triond. Which brings up a dilemma are they telling the truth? Did they end up breaking the rules, and do not want to admit it when they are venting? I am sure most of you know if you lose you Adsense account you will more then likely not get it back, and can not get another one. I decided in the end the risk is not worth it due to the fact I want to become a Youtube partner in the future, and I can not afford losing this Adsense account. Which means I can not use Adsense on Triond anymore, and the pay on Triond seems to be a bit better then Expert columns. However the amount of views I get on Expert columns seems to vastly surpass Trionds amount of views.

Expert columns is the same type of website as Triond. But with one difference the amount of views I get seems to be a lot better then Trionds. I have about 105 posts on Triond as we speak, and about 11 on this websites. The amount of views I get on Triond is about 80 to 100 a day, and on Expert columns it is about 21 to 50 views a day. So at this moment Triond may pay slightly more but if I had as many articles on this website as I do Triond I would probably be getting several hundred views a day, compared to less then 100 on Triond. My final conclusion is that Expert Columns seems to be the better website to write for instead of Triond.

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