Triple Twisted Fantasy Universe

A mind is considered a tragic thing to waste
Especially when it’s always circling the intellectual drain
Where an NC-17 Rated movie is on constant repeat
Regular people suddenly transformed into sex symbols
Even when they should be covered up in mock turtlenecks
Functioning to dreadful 1970s theme music
Designed to make moviegoers laugh rather than take seriously
A soundtrack that sounds like a bad “That 70’s Show” episode
Where the dialogue and plot is smothered in extra cheese
The polyester alone is enough to make you itch
An innocent creature in the flesh with an overactive imagination
With dreams too bizarre to describe and even harder to turn off
Because the button on the mental remote is broken
Hard to discern whether it’s by accident or by design
It’s just best to sit back and enjoy the show
Even if the private movie is too creepy to comprehend
Or a neverending story of sorts
That keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny
Until someone rips the battery out for good.

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