Turn Co-workers into Friends with These Fabulous Gift Ideas

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our workplace seems to be our second home! Not including the nights, this is where one spends the majority of their adult life; and thus our co-workers become our new family. The best way to impress your fellow employees and win their friendship, is with small but great gifts. Be it a birthday, Christmas or even a personal celebration, stay away from clich© gifts like fountain pens or desktop dolls. Also avoid personal gifts as it is very easy for evil gossip to flood a workplace. Another rule to staying professional is desisting from too cheap or too expensive gifts. The former will make you look stingy, no gift is better than inferior trinkets, and the latter will make the boss wonder if he pays you too much! The perfect gift for co-workers is something that is interesting, economical and practical.

Everyone at work needs at least one or 2 cups of coffee to keep them sane during the day. Thus a funky mug is always a cherished gift. Either stay sensible and go for elegant patterns, or be remembered with personalized, fun mugs. It is also a great idea to have inspirational lines like “Nothing will work unless you do!” or something funny like “I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours!”, that puts a smile in their morning beverage. Creative writing, on anything, is always a smart gift idea, be it co-workers, friends or even your siblings. The witty wording will prove you are convivial, approachable and have a good sense of humor. Plus you would have brought a grin to their regular day, and what can be better than that! Thus one can go for t-shirts, wall-hangings, pens or even mouse pads with motivational or mirthful phrases on them, and your gift will be a winner.

One thing to keep in mind while shopping for a group of people, especially fellow employees, is to never go over your budget. Even if you are just spending a few dollars more on a gift, multiplied by the number of receivers, your wallet will feel a significant hit. And, more often than not, excessive spending doesn’t win you any ‘extra’ appreciation, so what’s the point! Get creative and mix and match pieces to get something worthy and memorable, yet completely within your range! A fun place to put together an economical gift is the dollar store or even the flea market. Use your sense of style and a little ingenuity to make sure the gift does not look cheap or ludicrous!

A smart gift idea for co-workers, your boss or even general friends, is buying gifts in relation to the season or a particular festival. Thus your knick-knacks will have a particular sentiment attached and can never be inappropriate or misconstrued! How about Santa-printed socks as Christmas gifts, or a laughing monster with glowing eyes in a key chain for Halloween? Stay sensible, yet stimulating and snappy; and you will be the best gift-giver in your office!

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