Turn on the Frequency of Gratitude

Did you know angels can assist you with anything? They are a bridge of light that connects you to the higher realms of divine love and utter light. Ask the angel of gratitude to lift your perception…to take you to the highest source of all. Now look down at yourself….what are you grateful for today? What are your predominant thoughts today? What frequency are you emitting? The angel of gratitude would like to gently assist you in aligning your vibration with the frequency of gratitude, and awakening you to your present blessings.

Choose to see everyone and everything as a sacred gift of love. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow higher; vibrating on the frequency of love. Ask the angels what you can do to reprogram a challenge as an opportunity to grow in love? Ask that the highest outcome be revealed to you and release your challenge to the higher realms, knowing all will be done in perfect divine timing. Be flexible, remain open to the many ways spirit may assist you; and there are many!

By intention, you can reprogram your mind, body and soul to flow and glow with the higher frequencies. Keep the doors to your heart open to all things today and give thanks that we remain connected in love! Elevate your vibration with an attitude of gratitude and beam gratitude outward! All the love you give, is returned to you ten fold. Bless your life everyday and see it unfold just as a caterpillar does into a butterfly.

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Dr Kelli is a visionary dedicated to healing the hearts of the Universe. She felt the presence of Angels early in life and started “talking to Angels and spirits” as a little girl; her near death experience was a catalyst in changing her life’s direction.

Dr. Kelli provides counseling, healing and spiritual advice, as well as training to clients throughout the world. Learn to deepen your connection to the angels this October with a transformational workshop! Visit the website for further information at: Dr. Kelli – The Angel Whisperer – CLICK HERE!

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