Turning Green on the High Seas

When I was younger, my mother and I used to take a yearly vacation together. Being a travel agent’s daughter, this was one of the many perks that was afforded to me. On this particular year, we decided to take a cruise.

Mom found a great deal, leaving right out of Philadelphia. Since we lived in Central New Jersey, we jumped at the chance to be able to leave from a port so close to our home town.

The destination was Bermuda. My mother was excited – it would be her first time back since her honeymoon with my father, and she was excited to show me the resort where they spent part of their honeymoon.

We left port, and it didn’t take a very long time to hit harsh waters. You see, we had sailed right into 60 mph winds, and things got very rocky. As a result, I got very sick, and remained sick until we finally got to Bermuda. I can remember going to formal night in my pajamas, along with many others. I also remember not being able to make it all the way through dinner without falling ill again.

If this had been my first cruise, I might never have cruised again. However, I was already a cruiser by that point. It hasn’t turned me off to this form of vacation, but it does have me looking at the weather reports before setting foot on board.

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