Types of Digital Antennas

Long gone are the times when analog transmissions were vastly used. Currently the world has shifted to digital transmission which in turn provides greater quality and reception of digital broadcasts. If you recently bought a new LCD or perhaps an LED for your home theater and are looking for the high definition, great display on your TV screen then a digital antenna might do the trick and provide you with a better reception.

There are various digital antennas to choose from but knowing the right one for you is what matters. Knowing what possible options you have and then making up your mind as to what suits you better is crucial in order to make the right decision. So what are the various types of digital antennas? They are classified depending on their features such as the type of signal they catch, where they are located, the signal gain strength. In terms of signals they may be Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF). Some antennas can catch one type signal on the other hand some can catch both types of signals. Also some antennas are amplified and some are non amplified naturally the amplified ones provide better signal gain. The location placement is also an important factor when looking for a digital antenna. The antenna can be indoor or outdoor. Indoors are better for minimal signal gain whereas outdoors are a great option for those who need more signal gain.

Have you heard of digital TV antenna and HDTV antenna? Are you wondering what they are? Digital antennas are basically used for today’s television transmission. The channels that are broadcasted nowadays are in the UHF band but there are few that are in the VHF as well. It is useful for broadcasting analog and if coupled with converter box can help you cope with signal loss. HDTV antennas are high definition television antennas which basically help to catch HDTV signals. Normally a high powered UHF will perfectly do the job but if you must then by all means you may opt for an HDTV antenna.

Smart antennas is also another type of digital antenna and what makes them special is that they can retain the antenna location for a certain channel and automatically redirect it to the exact location when you switch between channels. This is great as you do not have to manually adjust the antenna each time and they can work with converter box as well.

Now coming to the decision making part after you have the knowledge about what type of antennas are available in the market. You now know what you must look for. Do take your time to make up your mind as antennas are pretty expensive and you do not want to be wasting your hard earned money. Look for good manufactures that are old and have established their credibility. Some brands that are quite reputable include RCA, Antennas Direct, Channel Master, Winegard. If you are looking for something that is more affordable then some good manufactures are antenna craft, DX and Terk.

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