U.S. Veterans Treated Without the Respect They Should Get

Americans should be ENTITLED to healthcare. I don’t care what they cut or what they add, but it should be a basic necessity. I have worked a fine line my whole adult life to make sure my kids somehow got medical co verage whether I had it available from work or not. Many small business employers can’t afford to offer it. Quality of life is what living is about. Not how much you have in terms of material things. Anyway. I don’t want to get into your arguement, but I am grateful to have had medical assistance when I was sick, and if I wasn’t POOR while sick I wouldn’t have gotten any medical or the treatment.
It is unfortunate that we have to worry about those things. And if I did have a job that offered medical free or out of pocket, all it means is that I was FORTUNATE ENOUGH to have found a job that offered it. Lord knows buying it out of pocket on your own without an employer is virtually impossible unless you are raking in some cash. Look at all the hardworking families who do not have a ‘well paying’ job- who have to work sooo hard just to pay rent in a cheap, delapidated apartment. They are not living life of quality, of basic necessity and NEITHER ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING ANY KIND OF CASH FROM THE GOVERNMENT.
What about all the Veterans that are not taken care of? We cannot judge any one of them. It is great that their medical bills are paid, but where are many of our most affected veterans living? It was an eye opening experience to see that our private-first-class soldiers where making so little that they qualified for food stamps! NO ONE is right. If anyone had the right answer our country wouldn’t seem so messed up. But if we look back in history, there has always been issues. All I know is those of us who were capable of being smart enough in the 80’s just made it under the wire for being able to work a full time job, afford the basics and have a little left over.
Healthcare for everyone is equitable. Like our veterans did, we can work for the rest.

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