Unique and Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Your Mother

Do you want to get your mom something she will never forget for Christmas this year? Do not worry. Sometimes the best gifts are inexpensive. They just require a little creativity and imagination. Mothers love to know that their son or daughter truly appreciates and loves them. Showing this does not require the gift of a fancy watch or diamond earring. Consider making gifts that appeal to memories, both present and past. Let your mother know just how grateful you are for all that she has done for you. Have a look at these four ideas for unique and inexpensive Christmas gifts for your mother.

1) Memory Collage
: This is a great idea and will truly leave your mother moved and feeling happy during the most important time of the year. Put together a collage of pictures, words and other images that shows your mom you truly cherish all the times you two have had together. Do not worry if you lack artistic ability, as it is the thought that counts. Here is a short list of the materials you will need: a poster board, family pictures, glue, magazines and scissors.

2) Video Collage: This will require a bit more technical skills. You will also need to know what your mom’s favorite songs are. Make a slideshow-like video that is full of pictures from family vacations and family parties. Set it to some of your Mom’s favorite music and give her the CD on Christmas Day. If you put the video together well, this is the type of gift that will leave your mom in tears. Also, it will be something your mom can hold onto forever and watch when you are gone.

3) A List of Things to Do Together: So there are probably tons of things your mom has talked about doing. Now that you are getting older, make a promise list of five to 10 things you all can do together within the next five to 20 years. This gift may be the most expensive in the long-run, but it will not cost you anything up-front. For example, a sample list may include things like the following: see the Grand Canyon, go to Wrigley Field, run a marathon, shoot guns, go skiing, etc. Having things like this to look forward to will make this Christmas all the merrier for your mother.

4) Personalized China: Consider buying your mother a personalized mug with a picture of the family on it. Consider purchasing plates that have a picture of your mom’s favorite landscape. Any gift like this will be unique and something only for your mom. Many local gift stores should offer personalized China purchasing options like this.

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