Unique Ways to Decorate a Kitchen with Baskets

Woven baskets have been around for centuries, and they are still just as popular as ever, but these days they are used to decorate and store various items. They come in countless designs; unique shapes, interesting styles and vibrant colors, and some are even lined and include lids and fasteners. They are great for storing kitchen items, but they also provide a great way to decorate the home. I use baskets to decorate my kitchen, and lately I have discovered many unique new options. They can be used to decorate vertical as well as horizontal surfaces, and in very creative and unique new ways.

Create a Row of Woven Shelves

Shelves do not have to be made of wood or another smooth material. Woven baskets can be lined up vertically and attached to a kitchen wall with several inches of space in between. The baskets can be used to hold real or faux floral displays that are absolutely gorgeous. Just imagine a vertical row of three or four baskets with trailing vines and blooming houseplants adorning each one.

Use Overturned Baskets as Unique Stands for Displays

I have a set of three dark brown baskets in graduating sizes, but I do not use them separately. The largest basket is used as a base for a beautiful kitchen table centerpiece. I turned the two largest baskets over and wired them together. I attached the smallest basket right side up in the center of the tiered stand. I added a plastic liner and filled it with soil. I planted variegated ivy in the top basket, and I arranged beautiful faux blue forget-me-not stems in the center. It is a lovely centerpiece and far more unique than anything available in stores.

Use Baskets as Wall Mounted Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes are fantastic decor for a bare kitchen wall, but they do not have to be made of flat pieces of wood or plastic. Woven shadowboxes are some of the prettiest of all, and they can be designed using baskets. Each cubbyhole can be used to decorate a kitchen in interesting new ways.

Buy three or more baskets that can be arranged on a kitchen wall to create a unique square or rectangular shaped shadowbox. Securely wire the baskets together, and use the compartments to decorate the kitchen with faux bird’s nests, realistic cast resin birds or something else altogether. The basketry can be arranged and used to decorate the kitchen to coordinate with a particular theme or style.

Visit a store that sells many different types and styles of basketry, and keep my ideas in mind. Basketry can also be used to fill open shelves. They can be placed on top of upper kitchen cabinets or in any location that can accommodate beautiful woven basketry.

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