Useful Tips for the Beginning Web Designer

When I first began learning the art of web design, it was difficult for me because I didn’t know what to look out for. What was I to choose? A free web designing site with advertisements everywhere or would I pay for a site that would only advertise the things that I wanted them to? Here is some of the things that I found out;

It can be very difficult to start your layout, so here are some things to keep in mind that you should not do.

First; Do not use a multicolored background with a text color that clashes. For example, a lime green background will make your orange text very hard to see and strain the readers eyes but at the same time if you are relaying a lot of text in one spot do not use a bright text color with a dark background, this will have the same effect.

Next; remember not to use a lot of animation because not only does this load the site slower, but this can also get annoying if someone is going to be on your page for a while. On the topic of images and pictures though, remember to make thumbnails that people can click on to get a bigger image instead of loading your site with large images.

These are only a few ‘Do Not’s’ in the idea of web designing but some of the most important. Now you must decided what kind of web you will make. Remember, if it is a business site you are going to want a white or simple background sense that looks more professional. If you have a theme for your site, such as cupcakes, flowers, baby showers– remember to keep your theme going throughout your site.

Make your site browser acceptable – do not use scripts, DHTML, or other things that are only compatible with one browser.

For those who are just beginning, I highly recommend free sites that will allow you to make a web page for free. They often have directions on how to design and you can use your own pictures, layouts and designs at the same time. Sites like these include,, and others that can be located through a browser search. For people more tuned in to making their own pages who already have a business that makes money I would suggest buying a site so that you can make sure when someone comes to your site that your business is the only thing they see instead of having other advertisements hanging about.

I hope this is helpful to those who are in need of making a web site and are beginners. For more information a simple web search will help you in greater detail to locate exactly what you are looking for. Good luck on your journey to making the perfect web site for you!

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