Vehicle Customization Laws in Florida

Vehicle customization is upgrading or changing the vehicle from factory specifications. Each state is allowed to determine vehicle customization laws outside of federal regulations. All cars registered in Florida must abide by Florida laws to operate legally in the state.

Under Glow Kits

Cars can’t have under glow kits or any other lights on the undercarriage of the vehicle. Additionally, the state prohibits lights around the vehicle’s license plate. The owner of a vehicle equipped with these lights in Florida may be subject to a fine and ordered to remove the lights immediately.

Window Tinting

Window tinting on vehicles in Florida is prohibited above the factory-installed tint level. Windows must be transparent so law enforcement officials can see the driver and passengers in a vehicle. Owners also may not use temporary film that might obscure view into the car.

Interior Lights

Vehicles are allowed under Florida law to have colored interior lights. These lights may not be strobe lights or otherwise be distracting to the driver or to other drivers on the road. Vehicles are not allowed to have a blacklight on in the car. In addition to receiving a fine, the owner of the vehicle may also be required to remove the lights immediately or disable them in front of law enforcement.

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