Video Will Vs. Living Will

Video will vs. living will

Wills have changed through the years. They are very important to have in our lives because we are not promised tomorrow. The legal document is a powerful piece of paper to have on hand. It will ease some tension that may arise after a death and there is no will present.

Video and living wills are available, but they are different. Do you want to write a will and have no idea where to begin? You will find two different options of wills to decide from. In this case, you can combine both the video and living will.

Video will –

A video will is a recording of a will given by the deceased. This type of will saves the person time and effort to actually write out the will by hand, or to type and sign it. A video will leaves no questions to the survivors as to who is behind the will. Video wills are a great alternative to writing because they are easy to create.

Living will –

A living will addresses life prolonging medical treatment and is written before a person is deceased. This will is known as something similar to a deathbed will. This type of legal document can be spoken on a tape recorder or on video. It gives permission to others regarding life saving treatment. The will either states to prolong life or to pull the plug.

Wills are a necessity. They provide relief to the survivors and can be a lifesaving paper. We can’t be sure of what tomorrow will bring us. Life is unfair and we must be prepared for anything. The will can ease the mind of those we leave behind.

A will is something we as a society do not like to discuss, but it is something we must think about. A simple will needs to be written. This is an essential document to have. You should always have a second copy of the will. It doesn’t matter which one you choose.

What will fit your needs? Which one will you choose? Will it be the video or living will? The questions may seem tough, but they don’t have to be. They are to help you decide which legal document is best for you and your life. Which one will you choose?

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