Vintage Poetic Expression Circa 2006: A Shade of Invisibility to Pain an Invisible Personality

“I want to paint my personality,
With a nice shade of Invisibility”

Paint me, shade me, with a varied color.
With the weight of wrongness I do not wish to be inculcated.
View the shades that this world has created.
I abhor… I detest.. It is putrid.
Hollow in its center very much deflated.
Quite possibly that yesterday was better.
Quite possibly the tomorrows color may be wetter.
Yet if with these shades we could show a brilliant letter.
Then possibly this weather we could weather.
How and where and why we scare.
A frowning face is not devanare.
Here, now, its much to cold.
Few are the ones that remain bold.
I need a sweater, because now its freezing.
Everyone we cannot always be pleasing.
The fire burns with a tremendous type of heat.
The shade of paint is needed to hide the pestilence that creeps. .

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