Violence is No Answer to People Who Question Authority


We know what it feels like being stranded on the road all day and night only to get eyes filled with the pepper spray . What happened with the students is an example of injustice shown in public without the fear of consequences.

Such is the way power blindfolds the authorities . It is always clear what people want, it’s always clear why protests happen. Its clear people protest when they have suffered long before they thought of coming out and speaking. The common man in every part of the world is very patient. He observes he is being dealt with in an unjustified manner. He knows he has been given the raw deal, yet he waits for the “change” to happen. But then one fine day a moment comes when he realizes that his silence is mistaken for helplessness and foolishness. He realizes that if he doesn’t speak today, this injustice will be carried on to his children and next generation. He feels cheated when his speaking for himself and for humanity at large is welcomed with shrugged shoulders and tear gas.

It’s unclear why government acts as if the protests are temporary. But then, the same government is forced to take actions when the “situation goes out of hand”. What I fail to understand is even if there is one man asking for justice in any area why can’t the justice be delivered then and there? I mean will the government agree that sky is blue in color only if there are lakes of people of people to say it!! It’s a fact that majority wins but is it so in every sphere of life? No its not. Then why do the authorities wait till a thousand people are injured and another thousand die during the protests?

The fact is government is too lazy to handle the underlying problems; it wants to focus on visible areas . I think before anything else we should protest for a law to be passed that makes it mandatory for the government to act within a stipulated time if any common man has a genuine problem with the way system is working or rather “affecting” his life.

Let us make it clear that any protest will have to be taken seriously and discussed in an unbiased way or platform. Let’s not give up. Let us ask the authorities to feel the pepper spray in their eyes and then answer a simple question “will you tolerate this kind of inhumanity for asking a fair chance of opportunity for you and your children??”


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