Volunteer Opportunities in Huntsville, Alabama

Volunteer opportunities are available in great abundance, but two in Huntsville, Alabama really are worth taking a minute to examine. This article will describe two volunteer organizations: Huntsville Tennessee Valley Ambucs and Therapy Partners, Inc.

Huntsville Tennessee Valley Ambucs

“You never forget how to ride a bike” is the way the old adage goes, right? Well, what if you never learned how to ride a bike in the first place? What if you’d never been presented the opportunity to learn to ride a bike? What if your entire life, you’d been told you can’t ride a bike because of your disability? That’s where Huntsville Tennessee Valley Ambucs comes in. Ambucs is an organization that provides trikes for children with disabilities. Ambucs enlists of a group of volunteer therapists who identify children with needs, measure them, and fit them with trikes. The children are then added to a Wish List. Funds are gathered by local companies and individual supporters. The trikes are then presented, and the children are taught to “ride a bike” for the first time ever as their parents look on in amazement.

I am personally involved as a volunteer photographer for Ambucs, and the looks on the children’s faces as they receive the bikes is priceless. At every presentation, the kids ride around in glee as their parents happily chase after them. Specially trained therapists educate the families about safe use of the trike.

Not only do the trikes provide entertainment, they also give the children greater independence where they previously had very little. Children also benefit by toning muscles that were rarely used before.

How Can You Get Involved?

Ambucs welcomes volunteers, so here’s how you can get plugged in:

Volunteer your time. Volunteers are needed at Ambucs’ many events. Ambucs can use people to help, whether you’re a clown who can face-paint, a photographer, or a stay-at-home mom! Give. Ambucs has an ever-growing list of generous contributors, but it’s no match for the Wish List of special needs children! Become a member. Join other members and spend your spare time making lasting impacts on your community. Recycle. Recycle your old phones and printer cartridges to benefit Ambucs. Donate a vehicle. It’s tax deductible, and it benefits Ambucs! Stay informed. Opportunities are always rolling in to allow volunteers to help with this special cause. Keep up-to-date with the latest news here.

Therapy Partners, Inc.

I found out about this fantastic organization while photographing an Ambucs event. As I snapped photographs of oh-so-happy kids riding their new trikes, I became aware of a dog in the room. The dog, named Koda, calmly walked from child to child and submitted her head for petting to anyone willing.

Koda is one of many team volunteers for Therapy Partners, Inc. , an organization that provides animal therapy wherever there is a need. Teams working for Therapy Partners, Inc. visit hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, churches, and more. The teams participate in local walks and other events to raise funds for worthy causes. This organization does everything from working to improve literacy rates to educating owners on training their dogs.

This organization can use your help. To help out Therapy Partners, Inc., you can:

Donate. You can donate money in honor of your own furry friend, or even to honor your human friend. Join. You must meet certain requirements , but you and your pet can become a team, too!

Ambucs and Therapy Partners, Inc. are both fantastic volunteer opportunities in the Tennessee Valley area. The drivers of these organizations are hard-working, energetic people who could always use a helping hand in contributing to the community.

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