Volunteer Opportunities in Rhode Island

There is no doubt that volunteering not only helps the community, it also helps the volunteer. There are many benefits to volunteering. Volunteering helps those in need and helps increase self esteem and providing personal balance. Bottom line, many volunteers would agree that volunteering helps you feel healthy and happy and what they get out of helping far exceeds what they give. Rhode Island is no different than any other state and many volunteering opportunities are available in a multitude of different areas. Whether you like to organize, fund raise or cook, there is something for everybody.

Here are some of my favorites:

American Red Cross.
This is a well known agency that many people forget about, but they are always there and are always looking for volunteers. The American Red Cross help with emergency assistance by those affected by disasters or fire. They also provide the community with classes that teach life saving skills like first aide and CPR.

Jason Campagnone , Program Manager , (401) 831-7700
105 Gano Street
Providence , RI 02906

Artist Exchange.
If you love art then you can contribute tot he The Artists’ Exchange. This place in Cranston is a nonprofit arts collaborative , and individuality. The Artists’ Exchange has created The Black Box Theatre and many art studios. They have 3 art galleries, an art boutique and cafe. It you want to share your love for art, then this is the place to try.

Elaine McKenna-Yeaw , Program Director , (401) 490-9475

50 Rolfe Square
Cranston , RI 02910 http://artists-exchange.org

Autism Project.

This project is something that is near and dear to my heart. Places like the Autism Project helps my job go smoother at school. The Autism Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on educationg and training or support children with autism.

Mary Farhoumand , Development Director , (401) 785-2666 ext 1023
1516 Atwood Avenue
Johnston , RI 02919

Big Sisters of Rhode Island

Big Sisters of Rhode Island is a great organization if you like to work with children. The organization is committed to changing the lives of boys and girls through mentoring relationships. The mission is to help children thrive emotionally, socially and academically. The goal is for girls and boys to reach their full potential.

Heather Potter , Program Coordinator , (401) 921-2434 ext 107 ,
Deborah Saunders , Executive Director , (401) 921-2434 extension 103

1540 Pontiac Avenue, Suite 1
Cranston , RI 02920 http://www.BigSistersRI.org

Books Are Wings

As an educator, this volunteer agency is near and dear to my heart. The mission of this organization is putting free books in the hands of children. Bottom line is children who love to learn will develop skills that are necessary to succeed. The goal is every child has access to books in their home.


Monique Renaud , Board President , (401) 725-0512
Dot O’Gara , Vice President , (401) 438-9538
Jocelynn White , Program Director , (401) 651-8317 PO Box 16623
East Providence, RI 02916

Cross Roads

Crossroads Rhode Island focuses on helping and assisting the homeless in the state. They work to bring them to a better quality of life. They focus on basic emergency needs, shelter, housing and help with jobs with individuals and families.


Amy Deshaies , HR Representative , (401) 521-2255
Jade Alves , Volunteer Coordinator , (401) 521-2255 325
Cindy Butler , (401) 521-2255 ext. 309 160 Broad St.
Providence, RI 02903

Family First Rhode Island

Families First Rhode Island is an organizaiton that help moms that are struggling with being a mom. They focus on women that are at rist or are experiencing postpartum depression. The focus of the program are providing non-judgemental and compassionate care to the matched mom for one hour a week.

Sally Stevenson , Executive Director , (401) 383-9933
16 Stimson Avenue
Providence , RI 02906 http://www.familiesfirstri.org

Habitat for Humanity

This needs little explanation, but it does a lot of great building for those in need.

Courtney O’Keefe , Volunteer Coordinator , (401) 213-6711
PO Box 68
Shannock , RI 02875 http://www.southcountyhabitat.org

This is just a small number of places that you can volunteer. There is a great web site where you can answer a bunch of questions and they can connect you to some of the many, many volunteering pportunities that are out there. The key to remember is to decide to volunteer and complete activities that you love. It becomes a win-win situation.

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