Volunteer Opportunity in Columbus Ohio

If you are seeking a place to do volunteer work in Columbus Ohio. There are needed volunteer help to be shared within the Volunteer of American organization. They are located at, 1776 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43203. The telephone number to call is (614) 253-6100 for more details.
Volunteer of america is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of quality affordable housing for senior. They are also a major provider of professional long term care. This includes assisted living, home health care, and nursing homes.

Volunteer of America strives to end homelessness, rebuild lives, and strenghten communties. It also help those who have ideas. By sharing your idea with Volunteer of American they will help make it happen. You can do volunteer work at their thift Stores, located in Mansfield, Ohio, Aurora, Brunswick, Circleville, and Columbus, Ohio. Volunteer to come into their Stores and help with the donations, straighten the racks, and clean the stores. For more information contact, Penny Savage at, (614) 253-6100.

Volunteers can help with the Employment & Trainging program. Volunteers are needed to help the disabled veterans with their Readiness Workshop. Volunteers are to work with the Employment Resource Center staff to create and present classes on employment readiness and life skills.The volunteers help Veterans do job searches, including writing resumes, while learning veterans to do internet seaches. For more information contact Sara Dodeci at (614)351-1881 ext.1407.

Volunteer by donations of your cars, your used goods, and items. You will be helping the needs of homeless men, and families, veterans, men returning from prison, and people with diabilities. Their are the elderly and those searching for affordable housing. Your donations help those overcome addictions, and regain independ lifes. by your generous donations. Volunteer of America are able to turn donations of clothing, household items, and furniture into hope, and promise for those in need.

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