Wade Barrett Suffers Dislocated Elbow

On the February 20, episode of Monday Night Raw. Wade Barrett suffered a partial dislocated elbow. Barrett suffered his injury after being eliminated from the Ten Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship. After being eliminated from the Match Barrett stood up next to R-Truth who had been recently eliminated. Seconds later The Big Show tossed Dolph Ziggler over the top rope on tope of them. The toss caused Barrett and Truth to fall over. When Barrett landed on the ground he began screaming profanities as the referee signaled for the medical team. The medical team rushed down to ring side where they began to brace Barrett’s arm. It was later announced by WWE.com that “Barrett suffered a partial dislocation of his left elbow”. Barrett will need to undergo an MRI to check for further damage but at this point he will miss at least six to eight weeks of action.

Six to eight weeks out of action is bad news for Barrett. Maybe it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Barrett has been on a roll as of late but with WrestleMania approaching it looked like he may not have an opponent. Randy Orton suffered a concussion which will keep him out of action indefinitely. Sheamus will be battling Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Rumor has it The Big Show will be facing Shaquille O’Neal. It is also rumored that Cody Rhodes will face his brother Goldust (Dustin Rhodes). That pretty much leaves Barrett without an opponent for WrestleMania. The good thing about not having an opponent is Barrett may have had the opportunity to compete in the rumored WrestleMania Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

That would have been the perfect time to give Barrett a contract for a well deserved Championship Match. Since that Match has only been rumored it may be better that Barrett was injured. With no one to feud with, Barrett may have slid down the rankings.

If the WrestleMania Money In The Bank Ladder Match does take place the WWE could allow a face to win the Briefcase. Barrett could return claiming that he would have won the Briefcase if it was not for his injury. Barrett could bait the WrestleMania Money In The Bank winner into a Match for the Briefcase.

Hopefully, Barrett makes a quick and speedy recovery no matter what route the WWE decides to take.


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