Walking in Westfield

Westfield, Indiana is a town undergoing a transformation. In the past few years, Westfield, Indiana has become more of a destination rather than a blip on the map in between the larger cities of Carmel and Noblesville. Westfield is creating its own identity through the addition of local festivals, such as Westfield Rocks the 4th, and its very own farmers’ market. Exciting things are happening in downtown Westfield, including plans for Grand Junction. The Grand Junction will include shops and restaurants located along the Midland Trace walking trail. Westfield is also becoming known for its recreational activities including an impressive array of walking trails such as the Midland Trace Trail, as well as the Monon Trail.

The Midland Trace trail follows an old rail corridor and runs east-west through Westfield. Eventually, this trail will lead east to Noblesville and southwest to Zionsville. It is a paved path that runs through the middle of downtown Westfield. Although not yet completed, the trail is currently accessed through Quaker Park on the west side of Westfield and Simon Moon Park on the eastside of town. In addition, the trail will connect with the popular Monon Trail, which runs south through the heart of Indianapolis.

The Monon Trail has been a mainstay for recreation in the Indianapolis area for many years. The Monon is a paved path and also follows an old railroad corridor. The Monon is in fact named after a railroad. Its total length is over 16 miles, with future extensions pending. The trail starts in downtown Indianapolis and has been extended north into Carmel. Recently, the trail has been continued further north, through Westfield, to the south side of State Route 32. The Monon will eventually be extended north of State Route 32, to 216th street. Bridges and tunnels are planned along the route to facilitate pedestrian traffic at busy intersections.

Both trails are popular with walkers, joggers, bicyclists and roller bladders. As Westfield grows into a larger city, it stays connected through its walking trails.

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