War is Not Only the Best Solution

In an ideal world, nobody would use violence against another human being, however sometimes one person will inflict harm on another person to influence their behavoiur. This is called “terrorism”. Terrorism is always wrong because it violates human rights and freedom and goes against the laws of God. I do not believe that using force and killing are the viable solutions for any problems. Terrorism results in all over the world and causes people to live in fear.

The efforts being undertaken by the U.S to combat terrorism are in facts acts of terror themself. It is wrong to put innocent people at risk and make them victims of violence in the name of justice. Looking back at the tragic event of 2001 September 11, where the U.S officials placing the blame on Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda terrorist Network, it was so cruel, so many innocent people died and that because of the outrageous behaviour done by the terrorists. Terrorism is a systematic attempt to produce extreme fear in others. At its core is a desire to gain power and manipulate others so that they can control everyone and get what they want. The U.S is still responding militarily to the September 11 tragedy against terrorist group in Afghanistan. America’s highest ranking leader wants to prepare the country and the whole world for an expanded war on terror. However, before agreeably following his lead people should first critically question many aspects of the foreign policy and strategy and take a closer look at the facts in order to determine whether or not esalating war would be the best course of action. Upon reading of many articles about the war on terror and teh tragic event of 9/11, rumours became a conventional wisdom. This tragic event represent the first failure in the fight against terrorism, the inability to convince people, waging a campaign against this act.

Iraq has repeatedly been called “the central front in the war on terrorism” by President G. Bush and others. According to Joe Miller at Factcheck.org, there never was any credible evidence that this country still possessed weapons of mass destruction or that it had any sort of operational relationship with Al Qaeda. How can we prove that the war on Iraq was waged against terrorism? What evidence is there for this? What they possessed was only the declaration of benevolent intent from the same people who engaged in a campaign to convince the public of the necessity of war.

The world would become an even more dangerous place and an acts of terrorism would only be increase considerably since the war on terrorism began. According to William Blum in Information Clearing House, “war itself is terrorism”. The crime of aggression became more visible when the state sponsored international terrorism under international law.

What about the war in Afghanistan? Is it a good war? Of course not! A lot of people who opposed the invasion of Iraq were in favour of invading Afghanistan. Maybe because some people believed of what the leader said. Well, not everyone agreed after 9/11 that invading other nations was the correct response to the atrocity. Many of us agrued that waging a war would certainly result in even more innocent people being killed would not be justice. War on terrorism is unjust, particularly by means of invading and bombing other countries . It brings death, sorrow and even farther hardship to people in the other regions of the world. How sad to know that all of these things had happened in the name of terrrorism. Is it possible to fight terrorism non-violently with peaceful means? Like for example “People’s Power” Filipino people experienced these events and proved that war is not the only option to solve such problem. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi used method of non violent protest to gain or to obtain fair treatment and independence. Every individual, the greatest value is human life which has to be absolutely observed by everyone.

Human lives are a priceless gift from God which we have to preserve, love and protect it, nobody is permitted to take one’s life, but why war on terror exists? When do we start to love one another and to understand each others differences. Everyone of us are human open your heart and mind. War is not the only option for all the problems were facing today. War have no future, let’s work hand in hand together in the name of God for peace so the world will be a better place to live in.


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