Watching the Fireflies Flicker

Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain,

Watching you sit there by my side,

Watching the sky and the stars,

Watching the world around us,

And all I think about is,

You and me sitting here together,

Being with each other,

Being in love always,

Being just together,

Not caring about a thing in the world,

Just spending that time,


Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain,

Watching the light dance,

Across the plain,


As we sit there together,

Watching the rain fall,

Fall down to the ground,

We kiss,

We hold each other,

We smile,

We look,

Our eyes say the words,

Our hands hold together close,

As we embrace,

As we watch the fireflies flicker,

Flicker in the rain,

They dance together,

As we hold each other close,

Knowing there is peace,

There is love,

As we are together,

Nothing will be able to break this moment,

As we rest from the day,

Coming home to each other,

Finding solace from the world,

Being together,

Watching the fireflies flicker in the rain,

As the rain drops fall down,

Knowing through the hardships,

Through the trials,

Through the tests,

Through every part,

We will be get through it,

As we find the way together,

As long as we find that moment,

To embrace,

To hold,

To love,

To believe,

To trust in what we have,

And the fireflies flicker,

Through the rain,

Through the sunshine,

Through the moment,

To the next,

And they leave,

As they end the dance,

And we hold on,

Hold on to the end.

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