Ways to Add Flavor to Meatloaf

Some people love meatloaf while others will not touch it. They are not necessarily put off by the contents. For some the flavor is greatly lacking. Without the right ingredients it can be rather bland. Use these easy ways to add flavor to meatloaf, and give it a kick that is sure to please every preference.

Try this Tasty Homemade Topping

One of the best ways to add flavor to meatloaf is by topping it with a savory sauce. Combine equal parts of yellow salad mustard and ketchup, and add between one and three teaspoons of brown sugar, depending upon the quantity of sauce. If desired, stir in fresh or dehydrated diced onions. Add a little zing to a plain meatloaf by spooning on this sauce about ten minutes before taking it out of the oven. Whip up a little extra sauce to use on the side. The flavor is absolutely fabulous, and it can turn an ordinary meatloaf into an extraordinary main course in a matter of minutes.

Blend in Diced Onions and Ground Sage

When looking for ways to add flavor to ordinary meatloaf, add diced onions and a little sage. Be careful with the sage. A little goes a long way, but the flavor is fantastic when added proportionately. Add about one-quarter teaspoon per pound of meat. This is more than enough to add tremendous flavor to plain meatloaf.

Add Real Bacon Bits to the Mix

Do you prefer a hickory or maple flavor? Add hickory smoked or maple flavor to plain meatloaf with the addition of real bacon bits. Buy ready-made bacon slices, or prepare it in the microwave on paper plates lined with toweling. Dice or tear it into fine pieces, and blend it into the meatloaf mixture.

Make it a Flavorful Roll with Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Cheese can add a lot of flavor to ordinary meatloaf. For something truly unique and full of flavor, pat the meat into a two-inch thick rectangle the length of the loaf pan. Top it with sharp cheddar cheese, and roll it up tightly. Place it in the loaf pan and bake it at 350 degrees for one hour and fifteen minutes or until the meat is thoroughly cooked. This can be combined with the aforementioned additions for meatloaf that is truly delicious and highly unique.

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