We Reap What We Sow

Life is a great adventure with unexpected twists and turns, leading us into various stages of our life with a fascinating interest of a thriller. We meet the good, we meet the bad and life is always a mixture of both. But one thought that plagues everyone in some stage of their life is, do we reap what we sow. Yes, we do reap what we sow.

Stand before a mirror and see your reflection. Smile at it, it smiles back at you, scowl at it, it scowls back. So it is the same with your life. You do good things to others, you get back good in multiples, you do bad things and you will find it hitting right back at you with the force of a volcano.

Then why is it we see good people suffering and the bad flourishing. I had asked the question so many times in my life itself, when I was facing certain traumatic experiences.

You see, good people are basically innocent without the sharpness of how to face life. They trust people easily and are often cheated. So, it becomes essential for life to play the part of a teacher. It teaches in an emphatic way, tossing you into a tunnel of seemingly never ending bitter experiences and each experience is an eye-opener, opening your inner mind to the whole range of characteristics the world has in it. You come out victorious with your traumatic experiences bearing torch for you to weave away from the bad and guide you to the path of success.

On the other hand, the bad seem to flourish and everything seems to be within their reach. This is the most wonderful trick that God plays. When these bad people flourish, they become complacent taking for granted that all will be well with them always. Their brain becomes dull and is over confidently boosted up with arrogance and artificial energy. They are like lambs fattened with good food, only to be slaughtered. Then comes the day when God strikes and he strikes emphatically.

Have you seen one terrorist who leads life as we normally do? He leads a life of sneaky hiding and shows his cowardice by killing innocent people. He never dies a natural death.He has blood of innocent people in his life of violent existence and is killed mercilessly at a very young age itself. He has never seen the fun and frolic we enjoy. He has reaped what he sowed.He sowed terrorism and he reaped terrorism.

The more your thoughts are pure and your actions sincere and honest, you can rest assured that you will come victorious from whatever problems you might face.Life is a boomerang with the the good you do coming back as good things in life and the bad coming back at you to spell defeat for you.

You cannot reap the benefits of good if you sow your mind and action with bad thoughts and deeds. Always be patient to reap your fruit of success as it takes time to germinate and shoot out its leaves of benefits, branching out to an even more kaleidoscope of wealth, health and many more.

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