What Are Runes of Magic Mounts

Okay so you are curious about the Runes of Magic mounts? Well I can tell you this much they are a big time saver when playing the game on helping you get places faster by about 50 to 75 percent faster. Which is because you can ride these creatures anywhere except instances. There are several types of Runes of Magic mounts which you will find out more about them in the next paragraph.

The different types of Runes of Magic mounts are categorized into two different categories Time based mounts and shortcut based mounts. The time based Runes of Magic mounts last only for a certain amount of time. Although there are Mounts that will never disappear. Then we have the shortcut based mounts. What are the Runes of Magic mounts that allow short cuts? These Runes of Magic mounts allow the rider to cut over normally impassable or hindering terrain such as water. The next few sub-sections of this article will talk about these types in more detail.

Runes of Mounts that have an expiration date will say so if you hover over the item. There are 1 day, 7 day, 30 day, and permanent Runes of Magic mounts. You get these mounts from one of the following three places item package from leveling up, gift from players, or you buy from the in game item shop. However I see little point in buying a 30 day mounts or a 7 day mount as they often cost half or little more then half the price of a permanent Runes of Magic mount. Choose your Runes of Magic mounts wisely as once you have bought it they are unable to be traded. In the next section I will talk about the last category of Runes of Magic mounts.

Runes of Magic shortcut mounts There are really only 2 types as of now flying, and ground mounts. My favorite Runes of Magic mounts are the flying mounts as they can cut over water without disappearing and allow you to flee a tough enemy quickly so you do not die. Although the Runes of Magic ground or land mounts do move faster by about five to ten percent they are not able to cut over water as they vanish as soon as they do. A flying permanent mount should only cost you about 395 diamonds or four million gold in game.

My final conclusion on Runes of Magic mounts is that they are definitely worth it as they save you bunch of time. How do they save you time? Runes of Magic mounts save you time as you are avoiding needless battles and allow you to travel across the world at much faster speeds. I hope you enjoyed this article on Runes of Magic mounts and have a nice day.

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