What Are Uncut Videos?

Uncut music videos are often referred to as uncensored or unedited music videos. The variety of uncut music videos and music styles run the gamut. Most videos fall under several categories that have garnered them with the distinct title of being uncut. These generally fall into profanity, nudity, graphic sex, extreme violence or excessive and visual drug references.

Although our constitution guarantees freedom of the press, there is often a fine line between what can and can not be shown on TV, video stations, and on the internet. Uncut music videos often fall into this category. Music videos do not presently fall under the movie and cd rating guidelines.. Still, TV producers and station executives are reluctant to release videos with graphic content to the general media. Violence and drug references seem to often pass through to public viewing, but the real problem lies with direct sexual references or graphic nudity. The cruder and more flagrant the reference or nudity, the less likely the video will ever make it to general public viewing.

Some video stations only restrict showing on uncut videos to certain hours of the day, thinking that the most questionable material won’t reach ‘growing’ minds. Other stations refuse to show uncut music videos at any time. There are various internet sites that willingly show uncut videos. Merely chose your genre of music and submit uncut music videos and your choices are limitless. YouTube sometimes carries the uncut versions, at least until someone alerts the ‘powers that be’ and they disappear.

Some examples of the more flagrant violations include the following videos.’Telephone’ by Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s uncut video offers graphic frontal nudity and a woman on woman kissing scene. Guggi Mane’s ‘Making Love to the Money’ uncensored video displays full genital nudity and profanity. The general video still contains the video but omits the full genital nudity. Nelly’s ‘The Tip Drill’ features full frontal nudity, questionable sex moves, remarks about ‘underage girls’, and excessive profanity.

The debate will rage on about rating music videos. Until the rating kings get their hands on music videos, there are still options for viewing. Until then, uncut music videos are only a click away!

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