What I Saw in Week 1 of the National Football League

From September and on through December for the last 5 years I’ve been giving myself the gift that keeps on giving. I’m talking about Directv and the NFL Ticket. Since I get to watch just about every play from every game each week, I get to see a fair amount more than the average NFL spectator. Here are some of my thoughts on a few of the things I’ve witnessed while sitting on my couch and checking my fantasy football scores.

1. The Thursday night starter game was an eye opener. Both teams flashed mid season form offensively, but the defense were still pretty much in mid summer OTA mode.
2. More surprises from guys deemed “unlikely” to perform on day 1, than there were studs who lived up to their draft day price fantasy wise. Yes Arian, Jamal, and Rashard I’m talking to you.
3. With a hamstring the size of Arian Foster’s, could he be in line to get “Wally Pipped” by Ben Tate?
4. Colt McCoy is better than I thought he’d be. I was expecting Brady Quinn territory, but I seem to be getting the realm of Chad Pennington.
5. Someone remind me of why Matt Ryan’s nickname has something to do with frozen water? Has he won a playoff game? Is he any better than Mark Sanchez?
6. Solomon Wilcotts’ call of Cedric Benson’s game breaking touchdown run in the 4th quarter was absolutely spot on. He noted how everything seemed to be progressing as normal as he got to the line of scrimmage, but then “It was like a jailbreak”. We set ‘em up, and Solomon keeps knockin’ ‘em down.
7. Tony Romo giveth. Tony Romo taketh away. Could he possibly be the biggest “stud” QB in the league, to be the guy in the basketball game (Metta World Peace?) who is the ultimate coach’s nightmare. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Good shot.
8. Revis didn’t appear to be an island on Sunday night. More like an inlet, or a peninsula or something, but definately not an island this week.
9. When is Nike going to bring back the “Michael Vick Experience” commericals back? Now that Michael Vick is providing said experience one again.
10. Fantasy football is great. Real football is even better.
11. Your team has over 600 yards combined on offense. Your team also allows Chad Henne, yes that Chad Henne, to throw for over 400 yards, and keep the game uncomfortably close for too long. Yet, Bill Belicheck is a defensive guru.
12. Hue Jackson said that he wants to build a bully out of the Oakland Raiders. Last time I checked a bully was a big kid pounding on the weaker kids on the playground. Oakland beat the Broncos in Denver on Monday Night Football. Tuesday about 7 starters were scheduled for MRI exams. A bully does appear to be under construction.
13. After 7 years of futility, I’ve come to a conclusion. Even if they were switched in the draft, and their careers were reversed. There is no way that Alex Smith would be as good as Aaron Rodgers is, and no way Rodgers would be as bad as Alex Smith is.
14. There is no other announcer alive today that I would rather hear call a sporting event, especially football, than Gus Johnson. That guy could make cleaning the cat box seem like a life or death experience. I’ve heard him do an MMA event too. He provided more action than the fighters.
15. Don’t worry about the Colts. Kerry Collins will never be great, but he will get it, and the Colts will keep winning. Barely.
16. Two words: Sexy, Rexy
17. The “No Duh” statement of the week: Eli is no Peyton Manning.
18. Are you as tired of Chris Berman & Tom Jackson as I am? Ofcourse you are.
19. I’m not sure I see Jamal Charles popping off this week either. Sorry, I just don’t.
20. Yahoo Contributor is the greatest thing ever!

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