What is Involved in Being a Full Time College Student

You can elect to attend college on either a full time or part time basis. Attending college on a full time basis has certain benefits and responsibilities. It can also present some challenges, especially if you are a parent, work or both in addition to attending classes.

What Constitutes Full Time Attendance

Full time college attendance requirements can vary from one school to the next. The norm usually requires students to successfully complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. Successfully means the student must not only complete the class but pass it. A few schools require as many as 18 credit hours to earn full time attendance status. In either case you can expect to take a minimum of four classes or more per semester

What Are Semester Hours

Semester hours or credit hours are the yardstick by which colleges measure a student’s completion of required studies for a learning program or degree. Classes are usually designated as three or four credit hours. Some may have more or less. For each credit hour the class is rated at, you will probably spend the same number of hours in class each week. Time spent studying, in labs or in related activities is not figured into the semester hour designation. For planning purposes, you can expect to spend two to four additional hours on studies outside of the classroom. Full-time college students should expect to spend the equivalent number of hours on their education each week as a full time employee spends at his job.

Full Time Status Importance

Full time students can receive the maximum allowable amount of financial aid they qualify for. Students who attend only half time or just six semester credit hours can still qualify for some financial aid. However, anything under 6 semester credit hours is deemed part time and may make you ineligible for financial assistance.

Benefits of Being a Full Time Student

In addition to the increased financial aid for which you may be qualified, attending classes on a full time basis means you complete your course of study on time. This is substantially quicker than those who by choice or circumstance must attend college only part time. The sooner you complete your certificate or degree program, the sooner you can get into the job force and put your education to work for you.

Balancing Full Time College with the Family or Work

Full time college attendance is a serious commitment. If you are currently working or have a family, you will have to arrange classes and time for study around your other commitments. This can be even more challenging if you are a single parent. A good support system is crucial to your success. Friends and family need to be supportive of your efforts. Spouses can pick up the slack with chores and the kids. Employers may be willing to give you flexible hours if your field of study will benefit the job. Maintaining organization and dedication will help get you through the semester. You will be rewarded with the educations and the opportunities for a brighter future when you complete your studies.

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