What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems

Radio Frequency Identification, more commonly known as RFID, is a form of advanced technology that allows for information to be collected, stored, and even transferred. Radio waves are used for the information to be transmitted. In order for the RFID process to be complete, two things have to be in place. First, there has to be a circuit that collects the information. Second, there has to be an antenna that will receive the signals that are being transmitted.

You will often find RFID being used in large warehouses and retailers. With this type of system in place there can efficiently track their inventory. They will be able to identify how much of a particular item is on hand at any given time. They can find out how quickly they are moving and then make sure they order enough. They can also track those items that just aren’t selling. A decision can be made at that time to reduce the prices to get rid of them and then to not order anymore of them.

With such an efficient inventory system in place a company can save a great deal of money. They don’t have to spend money on bulk items that will sit around for a very long time before they sale. They also won’t run out of the things that consumers are really looking for and lose out on the opportunity to sell them something.

The use of RFID is not new as it has been in place since 1946. However, the process of it has continued to improve significantly as time as moved on. As people use a product or system they find ways they can make it better. Technology continues to improve and that has helped make RFID something that can relied upon. It is used in many things today that you may not be aware of.

Some countries are even using the technology of RFID for passports. It makes it much harder to fake them. It also helps to keep the procession of people moving swiftly through customs without being too lenient. This same technology is used by various types of agencies including trucking companies, armored money cars, and law enforcement to successful track the whereabouts of their vehicles.

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